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Ways to Protect Your Website from Malware

Malware is a threat that many website owners face daily.  In fact, according to research performed by Security Week, around 185 million websites are infected with malware at any one time.  This isn’t something you want to happen to your business website, especially when the search engines actively blacklist websites containing security threats.  But what can you do?  Keep reading for some tips that should help to protect your website from malware. 1. Scan Your Website Regularly The first

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Should You Hire a Freelancer or a Company to Design Your Mobile App?

  • Posted on April 17, 2019
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  • Posted in Designing,Development,Mobile App,Software

Have you recently made the decision that it’s time to branch out where your company’s digital efforts are concerned and offer customers and clients a mobile app? Offering a companion app for your business is a great way to boost customer engagement, interest, and even sales depending on the purpose and features built into that app. It also offers companies a great way to get a leg up on the competition by offering their customers added value. So while the decision to go ahead with the cre

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Tips on designing a website that captures leads

Any good marketer would know that an inbound website is a hub for all marketing efforts. An inbound marketing website core purpose is to generate leads. It could be that you are thinking of redesigning your business website or you even want to create a new website, you must have a game plan that is well thought- out. Here, you get to learn how to go about creating a website that will generate leads and convert them to customers who will help your business grow immeasurably. Keep in mind the f

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The 5 benefit of hiring a professional web designer

Companies or businesses invest a big transaction to get their websites done by professional web designers. Reputation is a crucial commodity particularly around the globe. No one wants to pay cheap services that at the end of the day that mess up everything. Following are some of the merits of hiring a professional web design in Brisbane. Saving time Web designing entails various details which someone needs to have experience in. Professional web designers have a strong

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How Self-storage Owners Can Build Functional Website for Their Business

  • Posted on January 21, 2018
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  • Posted in Designing,Development,PHP Web Development,WordPress

We are living in the edge of digitalization so it has become really important for both SMEs and corporate ventures to develop a website for boosting the performance of their business. In today's digital landscape if you do not have a corporate or business website that means you are missing the opportunities of targeting those prospective customers who spend most of their time online and looking for products or services that you deal with. Entrepreneurs need to understand the fact that World W

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