6 Things To Keep In Mind When Buying PHP Scripts

You are working on an urgent assignment and somewhere you have stuck with an urgent requirement of a PHP script. But you do not have extra time to think the code and create that script. So what you will do?

Obviously, you will look for buying PH scrip from outside. Since you will use the script in your live project, you need to be very careful and must keep these six things in mind while PHP script from market places.

The primary thing before buying PHP scripts is to make sure it’s ready. And by ready, that means it should be bugs free; it should work fast on various types of systems; it should support all modern browsers and must be responsive for all devices. Before buying, you need to make sure that the script code is of a high standard.

Things you should keep in mind before buying a PHP script are:

Documentation – Having excellent documentation about the script means you will know how to use it. Detailed documentation will help you in understanding the working module, and you will not be required to contact seller support again & again. Documentation should cover all the issues, scenarios which you might face while using the script. By reading the documentation, you can quickly get a feel for how to use it before buying.

Demo– Ask for a demo setup showcasing the product. The demo setup will allow you to analyze the working module and helps you in understanding the different functions of scripts. This will help you in choosing whether this script will fulfill your requirements or not.

Support System – No matter how many times a script was tested, it is normal that it will have issues when used in real-time applications. Hence you should check the support system of the seller. A good script seller must have a proper working support system that allows clients to create tickets with their issues.

Release Date – First of all, checked the time when the script was released first and what the last update date of the product is. This will help you in understating the working cycle of product developer that is he working on script development actively or not. Too old script with no new release is an excellent indicator to stay away.

Sale Volume –  If the product is right, it will take sales, it is a straightforward maths.  So before making a final call, you must check the total sales of the script since it was made available for the users. Low sales per month is an indicator that script is not useful, and you should ignore purchasing because the developer may stop the development of the product due to the low quality of the product &  low success rate.

User Reviews – If the product passes all the above-given benchmarks, then it’s time to check the final & also one of the essential things, User reviews. Don’t rush and read a few of the latest comments from verified customers and find out user opinions regarding the script. If reviews are positive and developers is also actively replying to all the comments, whether positive or negative, it means that he is working continuously on the product.

By keeping the things mentioned above in mind, you will surely be able to strike a good deal in the market.

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