How Your Online Reputation is Impacting You

In the year 2019, we are facing an issue that no other generation has faced before us; our online reputation. With each day, we are leaving more and more digital footprints that may carry consequences in the future either positively or negatively. It is important to stay conscious of the imprint left on the internet. Most of it may be unable to be deleted.

What’s the big deal about online reputation?

Most people have things they would rather have scrubbed from the archives of the internet. Whether it’s an old Facebook photo, an embarrassing YouTube video, or maybe an old mugshot. Other than personal regret, someone’s digital mistake can have negative implications on their lives. It is the norm for employers to scour Google search results and social media for background information on their applicants, and negative findings could result in lost job opportunities. On the contrary, a positive online reputation can open many doors that may not have existed with no digital footprint. It can even be said that having no online record could even be as harmful to someone as having a negative one.

What can I do to fix my online reputation?

Luckily, there are many online reputation managers specializing in online review management available to fix your digital footprint. Their expertise in tech allows them to bury negative search results, and create new content that covers results in more of a positive light. Considering that a good online reputation can also create opportunities, they are also capable of crafting an image for those who don’t have one.

Does an online reputation only impact people?

Online reputations do not only affect people on an individual level. In today’s day and age, maintaining a strong online presence is absolutely essential in running a successful business. Businesses do not only need to cater to consumer needs with products or services but also with generating content to establish an ongoing connection with their customers. Companies are now targeting consumers not only through the use of advertising but also connecting with them on social media. Similar to online reviews, this can either generate sales or cause a myriad of problems.

How can businesses utilize their online reputation in a beneficial way?

In the early days of the internet, businesses merely sold products online in a passive fashion. Consumers might have seen a vaguely targeted advertisement, or have visited the website of their favorite brick and mortar stores. The digital climate surrounding online business has rapidly changed in very little time, and in the present day, businesses must now communicate with customers through the use of social media. This has lead companies to utilize social media monitoring, gathering feedback and content from their customers to gauge whether they have a positive or negative reputation. From here, they can approach negative publicity with more of a calculated approach, and maybe even spin the scenario to result in a positive outcome.

What can I do to protect my online reputation?

The best activity is proactivity, and there are actions you can take in protecting your reputation. While one may not be able to get rid of negative content completely, utilizing social media they are capable of generating new and positive content that will serve them in a productive fashion. Online review management specials recommend to make use of privacy settings and avoid sharing too much of our personal lives. Instead, it can be beneficial to post content geared toward our professional interests to create relevant search results pertaining to what you want your online image to look like.

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