15 ways to get backlinks for free

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Backlinks are not for nothing that is the topic of a good half of the articles on SEO: the reference profile of the site plays an important role in the promotion. At the same time, the item of financial expenses for the purchase of links constitutes a significant share of the total budget for SEO. […]

Tips on designing a website that captures leads

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Any good marketer would know that an inbound website is a hub for all marketing efforts. An inbound marketing website core purpose is to generate leads. It could be that you are thinking of redesigning your business website or you even want to create a new website, you must have a game plan that is […]

What To Look For in WordPress In 2019

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WordPress is by far the most popular Content Management System and for good reason. WordPress is a simple and intuitive web application that can be used by anyone with a little tech skills to build professional, corporate-quality websites. Many developers work to build and maintain the core WordPress software which is updated several times a […]

10 Ways To Grow Your Business

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Businesses should always be moving forward in order to stay ahead of the competition, increase brand reputation and maximize profits. It can be challenging to grow a business, and it is an area that many owners struggle with as they do not know any strategies for improving their current operation. There are a handful of […]

Latest SEO Strategies and Trends in 2019

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2018 has turned into a major year for SEO and digital marketing, with new patterns, updates, and apparatuses that advanced our methods and procedures and perform better by and large. This helped lift SEO higher than ever, leaves more space for development sooner rather than later. Discussing the not so distant future, 2019 is coming […]

PYNQ-Z1– an Easy Way to Design Embedded Systems

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Pynoq-Z1 board is a project from Xilinx. It’s an American technology company, known for supplying programmable logic devices. It is renowned for discovering the programmable gate lineup and as it is the first fabless manufactured model that was created by a semiconductor company. PYNQ-Z1 Python board is a convenient tool which is designed for the […]