The success of large applications in the market depends on different factors and variables. If you are planning to develop an application, it will be useful to examine what the great apps have in common, what qualities they share. Do they share certain principles of UI design? Have they implemented a new pricing structure? In this article we will examine what the great ideas of applications have in common and how you can apply these qualities in your application.


Free apps have become almost a standard in app stores. That way, users can try out what the app can offer, what features and get an idea of ​​what the app is. There are a plethora of free apps for both Android and iOS. Offering an app for free is a great tactic that several businesses have used to increase the number of app downloads, making their user base grow on both platforms.

The key to success is delivering value to keep users engaged by encouraging the purchase of premium application features. Offering your app for free may seem counterintuitive, but it’s the best way to get users and get into the market quickly.

Affordable User Interface Design

Successful applications help the user achieve what they want through a clean, intuitive and smooth UI design. This is a common factor among successful applications. An indicator of app efficiency is how users interact with the app. Even with the best features, an application can fail the market if its UX / UI design is difficult to understand.

This aspect of application development should be done with utmost care when designing it. So try creating a graphic design that has unique, clean, and polished UI elements. This gives a lasting impression on people’s minds, making it easy to navigate through the functions and features of your application.

Easy To Use

Eliminating barriers in using the application is another important feature. It all boils down to presenting functions as user-friendly as possible. You can lose users if they cannot navigate your application. Therefore, it is important to test your application with various user groups to see how they feel when interacting with application content on different devices. Overloading your app’s screen with lots of content or buttons can create confusion for users. Spend time making your application usable by different types of users.

Fast and Reliable Performance

Have you used an app that took too long to load, crash, or shut down completely while it worked? These applications do not stay on users’ devices for a long time. All successful applications have quick response times, run perfectly even in the background, and take less than a few seconds to load.

On the other hand, poor application performance will result in negative experiences and will ultimately reduce brand downloads, revenue and strength. Therefore, to maintain high performance an application must be properly tested to ensure consistency and reliability across all devices before it is released to the public. Quality assurance is a key part of releasing a successful app to the public.

Regular Updates and Analytics

Successful applications evolve over time to add new features or improve existing ones to streamline the way they operate. Successful apps have built-in features to record your customers’ feedback and run in-app reviews. This helps monitor downloads, engagement, and user retention. With this, these apps are able to identify which functions users most use.

Understanding the fundamental qualities of great ideas from successful applications is essential to bring your own app to market. Even more important than that is finding the right partner with whom to work to create your software.

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