Tips on designing a website that captures leads

Any good marketer would know that an inbound website is a hub for all marketing efforts. An inbound marketing website core purpose is to generate leads. It could be that you are thinking of redesigning your business website or you even want to create a new website, you must have a game plan that is well thought- out. Here, you get to learn how to go about creating a website that will generate leads and convert them to customers who will help your business grow immeasurably.

Keep in mind the following as you go about designing that website aimed at turning leads.

Who is your ideal buyer persona? To design a truly effective site, it doesn’t have to do with design elements at all. You just need to identify your buyer persona, that ideal person who will be profitable to your business. Yes, you have a few buyers if not many, but there is that one client who will be loyal, will buy in bulk and even give you referrals. Thus, you’re designing for this guy. Your website design will attract so many buyers but it must appeal to this very one. Your web development agency must, therefore, take into account this core objective and help you identify this persona.

Try to unearth problems and questions

Yes, you have identified your persona; the second basic thing is to try to understand the persona’s pain points’. What is it that they are looking for? What is that question they are asking related to your offerings that when solved, then they would stick with you for life? A good customer will only need to know that by following you, they have solutions to their problems. Once they realize that, then that becomes your lifetime customer. The kind of content, the blogs and such must be presented in a language and format that is appealing t this customer. Ensure that the web design is user-friendly and compatible on all platforms especially the mobile devices. When you have all in place, then you can be sure that your site will not just be preferred, but a useful destination.

Mapping your persona’s buying process to your sales process

Now you know your persona, the challenges they are facing and thus the solutions they need. The next thing is to get to know how they buy. Do a simple research; for example, you have the last ten customers who bought your product, which are the steps they took to buy from you? Is there a way you can improve their buying experience? There could be some buying processes that took place somewhere else, which could work, for you if incorporated. After you have identified their buying process, then it’s an opportune time to match these with your sales processes. You could create a flow chart, which maps each stage of the persona’s buying process.  This will align your sales processes with the customer’s needs, behaviors and therefore they will get the most value, and here you create the most efficient sales process for your business.

The core purpose of any business is to generate leads that will turn to customers and help the business achieve its goals. Therefore, when designing a business website, you must be keen to know whom you are targeting and therefore concentrate all your efforts on attracting them.

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