Should You Hire a Freelancer or a Company to Design Your Mobile App?

Have you recently made the decision that it’s time to branch out where your company’s digital efforts are concerned and offer customers and clients a mobile app? Offering a companion app for your business is a great way to boost customer engagement, interest, and even sales depending on the purpose and features built into that app. It also offers companies a great way to get a leg up on the competition by offering their customers added value.

So while the decision to go ahead with the creation of an app may seem straight-forward enough, the design process isn’t exactly the same. For many businesses, in particular, smaller ones looking to save money, the thought of creating the app on their own can sound like a good idea. Here’s the thing, what you think may save the company money and help to get it ahead, can in the end back-fire. It’s best to slow down and ask yourself, is it really best to design your own mobile app, or is it better to bring in a professional?

Here we’ll take a look a look at the pros in hiring a freelancer or company to design your business’s app.

A Professional Can Help You to Identify the Goals

One of the first things a professional freelancer or design company can help you to do is figure out what the goals are of your app. They will ask you pointed questions to get to the root of the app’s purpose. Having an app just for the sake of having one may get attention at its initial launch, but without a specific goal or purpose, users will be quick to drop off the map.

They Can Provide You with Valuable Input

During the design process, a professional freelancer can also provide you with valuable input that they have learned from past or current contracts. They will have the inside track on what works and what doesn’t, what users are looking for, what kind of cost they are willing to pay for if the app isn’t going to be free, and what the future growth plans should include.

A good freelancer is one that looks at your app development not just as a quick one-time project, but rather an on-going business relationship where they can continue to push your app to the required level of performance and functionality.

Complete the App in a Reasonable Amount of Time

Even with the best intentions of creating an app on your own, chances are your time is already spread quite thin. Being able to dedicate your full attention to the app day in and day out until it’s finished isn’t likely. What this means is that the launch date could end up being much later than you had hoped, and all that buzz you generated will fade well before the app is completed.

A professional app designer will set a schedule that they can stick with. This gives you hard dates that you can then plan around when it comes to your marketing campaign and the big launch date.

A Professional Can Design Both Android and iOS

Another thing to keep in mind is that you want to be as inclusive as possible when it comes to your app, so making sure it’s available to Android and iOS users is imperative. A professional will understand this, and also know how to deal with the coding, scalability, and back-end of the process.

A good quality app designer will be trained and experienced in JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, all of which are important in the process. A great example of a company that excels in creating apps for a wide cross-section of clients is React Native developers, who can meet with clients, discuss their “wish list” if you will, and deliver a product that meets all their criteria. You can learn more here.

Make Use of All the Best Technology and Tools

Unless you design apps for a living, there’s a good chance you won’t have access to the latest technology and tools – why would you? The thing is these tools and technology are what assure you that your app is not only capable of performing its job, but doing so in a way that feels modern and cutting-edge to users. This is often a priority for people.

It’s also important to note that technology is changing all the time, so for you to try to keep up with it is next to impossible. Meanwhile, it is the job of a professional app designer/developer to stay on top of all the latest technology, practices, and tools.

You’re Much More Likely to Have a Smooth Launch

When it comes time to actually launching your app, you want to be sure that everything operates smoothly, without issues, and no bugs. Remember the saying you only get one time to make a first impression, well guess what, it really does ring true in this case. You want to wow your customers right from the start, not have them feeling frustrated or confused by the app. If the app doesn’t work as intended, you can bet they will uninstall it real fast, and you’ll have a very steep uphill climb trying to ever get them back.

Mistakes and Errors You Make on Your Own Will Cost You More Money

Then there is the simple fact that if you tackle the app development on your own and make any mistakes or errors whatsoever, it’s going to cost you more money in the end. You will need to spend time and effort to go back and figure out what the problem(s) is, and at the end of the day, it may be something completely out of your wheelhouse. What this means is that you’ll end up having to hire on a professional to fix the mistakes you’ve made.

Bringing in a Professional Makes Good Business Sense

After taking a look at all the benefits of hiring a freelancer or company to design your mobile app, it’s clear to see that it just makes good business sense.

The next step is to begin the hiring process. You can start by checking this blog post by The author has covered tips to help you understand which is the best option as per your development need Freelancer or Development company. All the best!

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