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The note that marketers are currently working on is either ‘Go Mobile, Or Go Home’. Mobile apps are the influencer for the growth. Nowadays, we have apps for almost everything, they have become so important to us. There is a lot of work being done behind to make an app a big success.  This article discuss a few at successful mobile marketing trends that you should definitely know. Better Targeted Marketing Location technology is getting superior every year. Targeting a large group was

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What Vidmate’s app downloads tell us about the changing nation?

The online platforms have an end number of videos available. They can help one know new things, see the incident or educate them. In such a scenario, many people want to save the video on a smartphone so that they can use the same at any point of time and learn or share it with others. However, due to certain restrictions placed by the concerned platforms they cannot do so and hence have to take help of an app which can bring the video to the device from any of such platforms. With around 90

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Auto Retweet: Amplifying the power of your Tweet

Twitter is an extremely popular microblogging site of the present day with almost 236 million average monthly active users from every corner of the planet. The posts on the Twitter are created by user accounts called handles and “Tweets”. The Tweets that you post on twitter are visible to other users who are “following” your handle. Therefore, having greater number of followers would guarantee more visibility for your tweets. These “Tweets” can be re-posted by other user handles and

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5 things you did not know about Office 365

Surely you already know that Office 365 is the Microsoft solution based on the cloud that allows you to access all your resources from anywhere and with any device, thus promoting collaboration and business mobility. Although this Microsoft product is already positioned and is well known, there are some doubts from users about the tools it includes and its functionality. That's why we introduce you 5 things that you probably did not know or did not know about Office 365: Office 365 P

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Benefits Of Using Plantronics Wireless Headset

Are you looking to purchase the wireless headset for your business needs? Then Plantronics wireless headset is a perfect choice. In the market, you can find the huge range of the headset brands available but the Plantronics is one of the most popular brands. Due to its great performance and reliability, it has the top position in the today market. The Plantronics CS500 series is the newest standard in the wireless headset. It offers various connectivity option such as Bluetooth, desktop and desk

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