Charging Tips To Minimise Phone Heating

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Nowadays, a smartphone comes with good battery life, but that doesn’t mean it can be used throughout the day without having to charge it. Depending upon the way you use it, sometimes a smartphone may need charging twice or three times a day, meaning can’t afford to lose your charger anywhere, at any time. Talking […]


Is it legal to unlock at&t iPhone 6?

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This question is one of the most searched queries on Google and rightly so, as there are more than half a billion iPhone users in the world. Apple is the largest tech conglomerate in the world and it has reached that by producing superb consumer products. The iPhone 6 was one of the most revolutionary […]


How to Convert XCF into JPG in Easy Steps

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The process of converting is very difficult when we need that on urgent basis. But sometimes we have lack of knowledge to complete this task due to that we got late to submit our work. But here we have brought good and easy simple steps to convert xcf to jpg which is hard to find […]


Certified VoIP Cisco Wireless Headset

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Plantronics CS540-CIS Cisco Compatible Wireless Headset is compatible with the Cisco IP phones. This convertible wireless headset is suitable for all users and it can be used either by the “over-the-head” and “over-the-ear” attachments. In fact, it is much easier to wear any method and the headset is also charged fully in wireless aspects. Certified […]


Find the Melody in Digital Pianos Now

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Before one can use the help of test reports on pianos or an e-piano test, many wonder if one should rather resort to a classical piano or an electric piano (or digital piano). Exactly this question answers this article. The pros and cons are exposed, clarified for whom one or the other should rather be […]


gPlayer Video Game App from 9app and Vidmate

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Technology has made people go aww. With every day new improvements there is a lot to discover. Especially when we think about phones, we feel blessed to have smartphones in our life. We believe that smartphone has made everything go easy. Nowadays there are so many apps that with just a click things become easy for […]