How to Create a Business Professional Website

You will have to learn not to build a creative model for your company if you’re in the business of selling traditional stuff and your target audience is already too deep down in that shit!

Imagine Paytm having a creative app with lots of gifs and funny things scattered around asking to be looked down upon.

Would you want that? No, right?

You just wanted to use the functionality and send some money to your friend and press exit! superhost airbnb in tagaytay

Like the older ones say, there’s a time for everything and the time for creativity is here, but that doesn’t necessarily says that you should follow the blind trend as well.

People root for different platforms and different stories all the time, e.g if I’m to write a cover letter for a job opportunity then I would just mention my clients and my specifications instead of misleading the HR with my good use of vocab and creative masturbation.

The guy/girl sitting over there just wants to read basic details and be done with it, they don’t want to hear how many battles you’ve fought or the kind of struggle you’ve been through, if they want anything like that then they would simply watch a movie or read any Scoopwhoop article.

See, there are different channels for everybody, there is a separate place for writers, painters and poets against CAs, Engineers and Doctors, when any of them get mixed up, it leaves nobody happy.

So, my point is, make something that sounds not too corny to you and your viewers as well. Obviously the first step you’ll do is research about your targeted audience and competition to define your brand identity.

Now comes the real horror show:

1.) How should it look?

Well, you know the website itinerary is defined and you know what you want, but how you’re going to put that on paper?

The internet’s a crazy place with all sorts of weirdos and junkies, what should never be changed is its functioning and how easy is for the people to interact with it. Suppose one day, you open Google and see the dialog box sliding down on a ferry and you are just hovering behind trying to add up the load of your words on the truck, it’s funny but it’s kinda kiddish. So, let’s leave Google the way it is. It brings me to my next point which is:

2.) Template Selection

After you’ve decided for how your website should look, now it’s time to select an appropriate template for the same.

Choose one that you like, customize it according to your needs and then edit the content of your site, now fire away!

What you’ve made after this step should come out as beautiful, but that’s not as close to the target as the Earth to the Sun.

Now again, what’s your goal?

3.) Adding Functionality

I’ll keep this one precise and up to the point just how your website’s navigation and flow should be.

Clear cut CTAs, social media plugins, content placement are some of the earliest phases in this ever-lasting stretch.

Once you’re done with it, now comes all the other aspects such as keywords, link building, meta tags and all that gibberish.

4.) Engage them Visitors

Once search engines start ranking you and you gain control over some parts of the population, you should now begin to think about your next goal which is how to keep engaged so that they’ll definitely come back.

Do some blogging, start signing them up for the newsletter, if you can then, make a section of live social feed on your website, that looks brilliant if you go by the definitions provided by any web designing company Delhi.

“Keep up with all these updates and you’ll never miss a story”.

This is the kind of motto you should provide to your audience to build trust and earn some shits.

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