3 Reasons Why Web Development Teams Need a Project Management Platform

Being in the business of web development, everything you do is connected to the internet in one way or another. You are, after all, developing websites for businesses and individuals. This may involve everything from the actual design of the web pages (internet or intranet), as the field of web development encompasses everything from developing content, to scripting to security configuration and a number of other tasks.

Some web development teams even manage the websites once they are developed. It’s a highly complex number of tasks, sometimes completed in series and other times worked on simultaneously. It can get rather confusing if one team member isn’t sure where other members are in their assigned tasks so a project management platform is really an absolute must. Here are just a few of the reasons why every web development team needs a project management platform.

1. Real-Time Collaboration with the Team

As alluded to above, real time collaboration is imperative because some tasks are completed in a series where one task is dependent on another having been completed before commencement. A web-based (project management in the cloud) platform enables all team members to see, at a glance, where every other person is in their assigned jobs. It sure beats spending hours on the phone trying to reach other team members to get an estimate of when they will be completed and when you can begin doing your work. Team members can draw ideas from one another in real time as well. There is nothing like having project management software to make real time collaboration possible with a remote workforce.

2. Keeping the Client in the Loop

Giving clients access to your project management platform is another huge benefit to web development teams. Clients can see right along with you where their website is headed and then give feedback in real time as well. Instead of calling back and forth, and sending mock-ups or links to those hosted mock-ups, a client can view changes and additions as they are made. If something isn’t to their liking or they have a change of mind, they can inform you before you’ve literally wasted valuable time.

3. Easy Tracking of Time and Resources

Time is of the essence in any business endeavor and so it is with web development. Project management software enables you to track, in real time, how your team is using time and resources. Not only does this help team leaders keep jobs running smoothly, but it enables managers to spot where time and resources could be better spent. There is no better way to ensure cost-effective operations than with the visual feature of project management tools.

From sales, to your creatives, to the end client, project management software helps to keep everyone on the same page in real time. Perhaps that’s the best reason of all to invest in a cloud-based platform. It’s collaboration and cost-effective operations at its very best, especially with a remote or mobile workforce. If you aren’t using a project management platform, you really should take the time to find project management software today. You’ll be amazed at how productive your team becomes almost overnight.

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