How NetBase Can Help with the Different Forms of Social Media Reporting

One of the greatest challenges any company will face – regardless of it being a startup or a more established brand – is succeeding on social media.

The audiences on social media platforms can vary wildly from one another. Even the people who frequent the same platform on a daily basis may act differently from one day to the next.

However, no matter how tricky it becomes to connect with audiences on the various social media platforms, companies cannot give up on doing so. Without that connection, it will be nearly impossible for any company to succeed.

That’s why a greater amount of importance has been placed on getting social media reporting. That is also the reason why the services of NetBase have been more sought after. The expertise they can provide is more valuable than it has ever been.

The Basic Elements of Social Media Reports

Before we dive deeper into how NetBase can help businesses grow using data and analytics, it’s important to first understand what social media reporting is all about.

A basic report has to contain the essentials. It has to have your latest follower count, your engagement stats such as likes, reacts, and shares, and you also want an overview of the traffic to your profiles and to your website. The report must also detail how well you converted all that traffic and engagement into actual sales.

KPIs, also known as key performance indicators, can be built around those essential elements. Doing so would simplify the reporting and make it easier for anyone who’s reading the report to get caught up quickly on what’s been going on.

You can also include goals in these updates, but they don’t need to be reiterated in each and every type of report.

The Different Types of Social Media Reporting

Social media reports can vary in terms of the timeframe they cover. There are daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports. It is worth noting that these reports can also differ in terms of the content they contain.

Daily reports need to be focused more on follower counts, new followers obtained, and noticeable changes in activity. Was it a good day for the brand on social media or could it have been better? The daily report should be able to answer that.

Weekly reports can pull back more. They’re not that focused on individual followers as they are on detailing trends concerning your followers. A weekly report should also give you a better idea of whether a hashtag or any other new branding you’ve been pushing is worth continuing.

The monthly reports are more comparative in nature. They are used to track progress and growth relative to previous performance.

Lastly, the quarterly reports are used for assessing long-term performance and discovering whether previously established goals were met. Depending on the data available, new goals will be set for the months ahead.

What NetBase Can Accomplish for Their Clients

Regardless of whether you place greater value on daily reports or quarterly assessments, the services provided by NetBase should prove useful. They have access to real-time customer insights and all kinds of data regarding your company’s performance on social media. They can use those to create a more accurate telling of how your company is faring on specific platforms.

Along with providing you with the information you need in the social media reports, NetBase also offers other services that can greatly improve your company’s social media presence. They will give you detailed reports concerning the visibility of your brand while also helping you come up with social media campaigns that are driven by customer insights and interactions.

Should you need assistance to resolve an issue that could potentially be damaging to your company brand, NetBase has your back as well.

Comprehensive social media reporting is crucial to obtaining any kind of sustainable success online. Without it, you will be forced to navigate the complex worlds of social media with nothing telling you if you’re doing the right things and that is not something you want.

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