Sort Out Social Media Content Strategy for Greater Engagement

When posting content on social media, you will inadvertently reach a stage when you will run out of content ideas.

This is not new. Even bloggers are known to arrive at a point when they don’t know which topic to write about. When you’re posting content on a blog for more than twelve months, you will eventually run out of topics if your niche is very specific.

This problem is faced by social media execs as well. After posting social media content consistently for two months, you will run out of ideas and topics to post things about. More than anything, you will face exhaustion from your followers who would get tired of your content after a while. From a digital marketing perspective, nothing can be more devastating than losing the interest of followers.

The problem of sorting out the right content strategy to allow greater engagement is not new. Marketers have spent the last decade coming up with the perfect content recipe to keep followers engaged and brand profile intact. Digital marketing institutes have spent years teaching students how they must leverage social media to get traction.

The result of all these efforts has been the formation of an entire collection of content ideas. In this article, we discuss a few content ideas that can help sort out your brand’s social media engagement.

Conduct Polls

Social media platforms have come up with these amazing tools called polls. What do polls do?

Well, as someone on social media, you can start a poll by asking a question and giving people options to choose from.

Polls are a great way to drive engagement because they give your followers and the audience in general a simple choice. Furthermore, if the poll starts a dialogue on an issue that is relatively unaddressed in the niche, it has the potential to spread and become a gamechanger for your brand presence.

The real creativity while posting a poll lies in asking the right questions and giving the right answers. Sometimes, you can deliberately not mention a choice to make people comment below the post and rachet up engagement.

Share Positive Feedback from Customers on Social Media

Generally, customers don’t like a loser. They like purchasing products from a company which atleast appears to be successful. Social media is a great place to build perceptions and sharing positive feedback from customers is a great place to start.

What do you need to do to engage with your audience on social media while improving your brand image at the same time? By sharing reviews, you accomplish two things.

Number one, you make your followers realize that the quality of your products is beyond reproach. Any doubts your customers might have about your products and their quality is addressed with these posts.

Number two, you show people that your brand is chosen by people and is not a small run-of-the-mill business operation.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covers a few content ideas that can help shape the content strategy of a brand on social media.

About the Author- Tarun Nagpal is a well-known marketer and professional blogger currently writing weekly guest posts on social media for DelhiCourses, an institute known for its digital marketing institute  in Delhi.

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