Auto Retweet: Amplifying the power of your Tweet

Twitter is an extremely popular microblogging site of the present day with almost 236 million average monthly active users from every corner of the planet. The posts on the Twitter are created by user accounts called handles and “Tweets”. The Tweets that you post on twitter are visible to other users who are “following” your handle. Therefore, having greater number of followers would guarantee more visibility for your tweets. These “Tweets” can be re-posted by other user handles and called re-tweeting. The main ways of generating visibility for a tweet are through growing the number of your followers and also getting the followers to re-tweet, multiplying the reach of your Twitter network. There are also other ways of increasing the visibility of your tweets called “Auto Retweet”.

As the name suggests auto re-tweet is a marketing technique of using a program Re-tweet like a normal user would. This helps in not only making the program account look active but also gives more credibility to your message when it is re-tweeted by the account. You can at one point of time have several user accounts with this program. Auto Re-tweets usually come in two varieties, which include organic and robotic. It has been found that the robotic engagements are more prone to falling onto the tweets at once, but each time they come precisely at the same number, every time. On the other hand, the organic engagements are a per-day basis affair. It delivers a different organic amount of re-tweets on each of the tweets. The number of re-tweets you might get on each of the tweets depends much on the frequency of tweets you do.

Auto Re-tweets can be used in various ways. Mentioned herein below are some of them:

  • Promoting Content:If your business is in need of content, it would be great to get some auto re-tweets. Pre-launch tweets will help in building attention for the business.
  • Creating a Digital Reputation:If you are building up digital reputation for your business, auto re-tweets will help in adding bonus points to it. This will show a string presence of your business in the digital platform.
  • Keeping a Track Record of Success: Even if you or your business is novice, you can tweet your success every time you achieve it. This will later help you showing all your achievements at one go.

Auto re-tweets can help you in number of ways. It will not only help you maintaining your presence on social media but also popularize you and your business. You simply want to use your target keyword for the specific page prominently and describe your page's content to the visitor. You also want to make sure your target keyword is in the header tags as it also helps to describe what your page is about. It's also helpful to the user as it communicates the content topic that the user can expect from your page.

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