Which is better for SEO HTML or WordPress?

What is WordPress?

WordPress is the no. 1 platform for the Content Management System. With the CMS, it becomes very easy to manage the website because of the easy to use and user friendly interface. You can customize your website on the front end without having the knowledge of HTML coding. Also, the WP-bakery is another advantage of the having a website which is built on WordPress. The Admin Dashboard is easy to understand. If you will research deep down about the CMSs then you will find many other platforms but WordPress is the most famous and unique platform to design and manage your Website. It is possible to convert sketch to WordPress. Also if you observe the demographics then 26% of the websites are built on WordPress.

Advantages of Using WordPress

Easy to0020Update – You are able to login and make pages easily in the format of WordPress. If you are an old user of WordPress then you are the live witness of the fact that WordPress has not brought up much changes in its designs and user interface. WordPress is also easy to update because of the user friendly interface.

Professional Templates – The Templates you see in WordPress while managing a site, are developed by the professional developers. Having so many templates from around the world gives you a variety and helps you to customize your website in your own way.

Full control and ownership – Because of the Admin Panel Access, you get total control over your domain name, website, all pages, posts and other content like meta tag and meta description. Also you can change the content under the SEO friendly form whenever you want.

What is a HTML Website?

HTML is a language based programming for developing a website. Majority of the websites are developed on HTML but it is not easy to build a website on HTML without having knowledge of languages. Because of a lot of the technical factors, to build a website through HTML, you must have the knowledge of HTML language, JavaScript, and CSS. These concepts make it harder to use and understand the HTML. You also may face the problems in managing editing the website. Also you might have to hire a professional developer or WordPress Agency to build or manage the website. Instead of this, websites built on content management systems like WordPress leads to more useful and friendly interface.


Now the question appears, which platform is better to build the website with an SEO friendly interface? And the answer is both. Yes, you might have listened by many people that WordPress websites are more SEO friendly than any other platform, but it is not absolutely true. Google doesn’t take this factor in action, it shows both type of websites equally. It does not matter if your website is built on WordPress or HTML and it doesn’t affect your website ranking on Google at all. The only difference experts prefer WordPress over HTML is the user friendly interface. Both types of sites are SEO friendly but only WordPress websites are user friendly.

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