4 Reasons to Consider a Career in Technology

Technology is a major part of modern life. It is used by individuals and organizations in a number of different ways to streamline processes and improve efficiency. Technology is also constantly evolving, which means there will be demand for technology professionals. Along with fantastic career prospects, technology specialists also have the opportunity to secure a high salary and work within a field that suits their skills and interests. With this in mind, here are four top reasons to consider a career in technology.

1. Attractive Salary

The demand for technology specialists means that professionals in the field can typically negotiate attractive salary packages. A recent study by indeed found that the average annual salary of an IT security specialist is $114,143, whereas a director of IT can expect to earn around $124,309 per year. Along with a high salary, many technology professionals enjoy additional perks such as a generous holiday scheme and flexible working hours. The best technology companies offer excellent job satisfaction with incredible benefits to help attract top talent.

2. High Demand

The majority of modern businesses use computers, which means there is always a need for technology professionals to manage IT systems. Demand in the industry is also growing as technology becomes increasingly complex. For instance, cybersecurity breaches are now a serious threat to all businesses, regardless of size or industry. Cybersecurity career outlook is therefore extremely good, with a diverse range of job opportunities offering attractive salary packages and excellent career prospects. Technology is also a global industry that is used by organizations throughout the world; therefore working in this industry offers amazing possibilities with the chance to travel, relocate, and work on major global projects.

3. Online Courses

When it comes to technology, it’s never too late to learn. There is an extensive variety of online courses available that can teach you the skills and knowledge needed to secure a top job in the technology industry. Many of these courses are fully flexible, which allows you to fit study time around your schedule. This makes education far more convenient and accessible for people looking to change careers in later life, or for those who are already in full-time employment. There are also many courses that technology professionals can take to further enhance their skills and broaden their career prospects. Some popular technology courses include coding, cloud computing, and software development.

4. Job Outlook

According to the Labor of Bureau Statistics, jobs within the technology industry are expected to grow by 12 percent by 2028, with around 546,200 new jobs becoming available. This is far higher than the average across all other occupations. This clearly demonstrates the fantastic job outlook for those working within the technology industry. Not only do technology professionals enjoy fantastic job security, but they also have excellent career opportunities if they decide to change their specialism or employer. Technology skills are highly regarded and many employers will offer to fund any training or qualifications that will develop the technical skills or their employees.

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