Realistic Ways on How to Make Money Online

Whether you are just trying to earn some easy money, or you are looking for a long-term and a sustainable source of income, there are ways you can make money on the internet in today’s digital age. The truth is, making money on the internet is not as difficult as what most people think. It requires discipline, skill and luck, a lot of them.

But if you are looking for more realistic ways to start earning money on the internet, it will boil down to the ways you can take towards your goal. A lot of these paths will give you instant results, helping you with your monthly necessities like utilities, groceries and rent. But some ways have the potential to provide what you want, transform your life by turning your finances to long-term cash flow.

No matter what route you take to generate a steady online income, there is one crucial thing you need to understand. You can earn and spend money, take or save, waste or invest. But you can’t save, invest or earn time. That is why it is the most important thing in every business, more valuable than money.

No one can recreate time. Once you spend it, it is gone forever. When you don’t have the luxury of time, making money seems to be very difficult. How can you earn a steady flow of income, enough to cover all of your expenses and save some money if you are working a nine-to-five job?

Although it is true that the stability of having a full-time job will allow people to have a good night’s sleep, it does not empower people to be more creative in finding new money-producing programs. No matter what kind of plan or strategy you use in generating income on the internet, you need to balance your life to help empower instead of discouraging you.

The reality is, making an income on the internet can be very tough with avoidable risks. People who are interested in how to make money online should be looking for ways that produce passive income, at the same time working on your active income. There are tons of ways you can generate a passive income online; a lot of them started as the foundation of blogging, generating considerable traffic and building a stable audience.

It is not that easy, but everything will be worth it. That does not mean you will start blogging just to make online income. You can go to the non-blog related route, but if you are looking for a long-term solution, then the blog is your best bet.

Support the app business

If you are looking for ways to address your immediate financial needs, then the app business is the right way to go.

Cab-hailing applications like Uber or Lyft:

If you are in an area where you can find Lyft or Uber, the working hours are a lot more flexible compared to your usua nine-to-five job, and you can work any time you want. It is a perfect source of income even if you have a full-time job, but still looking for some extra money. If you want to know other cab-hailing applications aside from these two, you can check out


This application can offer people a way to make money on the internet by buying things you are already buying and get a cashback reward. With eBates, there are no scanned receipts. Just click the application’s link and buy from the respected stores. Your cash rewards will be credited to you immediately after purchasing along, together with an email confirmation. 

Inbox Dollars:

Another application you can explore to make an income on the internet is Inbox Dollars. The application will pay you for watching the television, shopping and taking the surveys. The apps have cash offers, and it is similar to other platforms in this arena.

Use existing sites:

You can also use existing sites in making money on the internet. It includes both passive and active income methods. For example, you can do online buy and sell or invest in making digital designs that can be sold as merchandise. Again, you need to save some time on passive income so that you can build up earnings without any extra effort. A large portion of these sites has their respective applications. But these apps are less involved in the economy, more about the long-term projects that exist in the industry of online marketing, web development, photography and graphic design.


This website has been the go-to method for at least ten years now for people that are trying to find a way to make extra income on the internet. You can sell your unused items, rent out your spare room or offer services in your area.


This site offers a good marketplace for selling any kind of professional service. You do not need a merchant account or your own website. All you need to do is to make sure that you can provide a high-quality service at a good and reasonable price. But you need to know that you will have other competitors that are always bidding for the open jobs. For a list of freelancing platforms you can visit this site.

No matter what route you take or methods to use when making money on the internet, you need to understand that to make money online fast and with sizable returns, you will need a lot of outstanding equity. But one or two years from now, you will be grateful you started early. You need to remember that time is more valuable than money. Focus on generating passive income that can free up your valuable time so you can quit your nine-to-five job and focus on the things that really matters, creating sustainable income for you and your family.

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