Market Your Creation: Top Four Methods to Invest In

Every creation, no matter what industry, needs to be marketed. Some sells are easy, while others take a while to build up universal appeal because the infrastructure just isn’t there yet and you need other businesses to collaborate with you in order to facilitate your own success.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing requires a lot of different components to be a success. It needs great content. It needs a fun approach. It needs to be informative. It needs to be beautiful. It needs to be engaging.

A successful social media strategy isn’t just a great looking feed. You need to provide new information, either through a visual or text format. You also need to engage. Social media without real, organic engagement is not living up to its true potential. You need to respond to comments, to user generated content, and above all else, to any direct messages that relate to your business (don’t bother with responding to spam).

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

As social media marketing is best done when it contains organic engagement, this could mean a lot of things. It could mean resharing content created by influencers and other new customers who have tried out your new creation. It could mean reaching out to those in your niche and starting a real conversation.

At the very least, your social media channels should be a place for customers and visitors to ask questions and get real answers from a member of your team. You need to engage with those who engage with you so that they can feel connected to you — like their voice matters — and most importantly, that they are valued by your business.

How to Stand Out

To stand out, you will want a dedicated social media marketing specialist. This specialist will need to work with your content creation team to advertise your marketing materials and, above all, connect with your online customers.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is the new-world word-of-mouth marketing. Unlike traditional or organic word-of-mouth marketing, influencer marketing allows you to connect with your customer demographic through the mouthpiece of someone they know and trust. A good influencer won’t just work with anyone, either. They will only recommend products or services they personally enjoy and see value in.

Of course, there are also bad influencers. Influencers who buy followers, likes, and comments are absolutely worthless to brands because they will never see a return on their investment. You need to vet each influencer to ensure that they are the right spokesperson for your brand, and that their following is genuine and organic.

Benefits of Influencer Marketing

The benefits of good quality influencer marketing are enormous. You can instantly reach thousands, even tens or hundreds of thousands of people who are very likely to try your business out because someone they trust and rely on has recommended you. It is the ultimate kick-start to any word-of-mouth marketing efforts, and the best part is that this type of marketing can be measured.

How to Stand Out

In order to stand out you need to ensure the quality and reputation of the influencers that you work with. That is why just getting in touch with influencers you like the look of is not enough. Instead, you need to get help from the top influencer marketing agency in Los Angeles. They work with top influencers so that both parties see great value in your relationship. Only then can your new product get the attention it deserves from adoring fans.

PR Marketing

Creating a new digital tool is big news, especially if it solves problems that currently remain unaddressed on the current market. With traditional PR tactics you can get your product noticed by news sites and topic or tech-related magazines so that your product finds a national (and even international) audience.

Benefits of PR Marketing

PR marketing is one of the best ways to get noticed and advertised by big name companies. From news sites to big name niche sites, PR marketing can help you advertise your new product best. This includes being mentioned in round-up lists of top new tech for 2020 to a full PR piece from a news site. The benefits are huge for your reputation, for your sales, and for your SEO.

How to Stand Out

To stand out, you will want to find a dedicated PR agency, especially one who has connections to leading news organizations. This way you can get your new product noticed by journalists without the hassle of getting in touch them or pitching them your product.

Search Engine Optimization 

All or your efforts should be done with SEO at their core. While the other three methods do provide immediate return, SEO is the longer game. You need to keep hype up in order for your product to be a universal success. By optimizing all your efforts and using a great content marketing strategy, you can leverage your social media, influencer, and PR marketing methods to last and benefit your business long after that news cycle passes.

Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

This is because all your efforts until now can and should boost your SEO ranking, allowing you to benefit from high visibility on search engines for months (and if properly done, years). High rankings, especially if your product is mentioned and finds its way on a site featured in the top ten results, naturally builds visibility and your reputation.

How to Stand Out

SEO is not easy. There is at least one update to Google’s search algorithm a day, and that is the minimum. With most of these updates done without a single peep from Google or its employees, it is up to specialists to monitor the situation and update their clients’ strategies based on what the data tells them. By investing in a dedicated professional (either in-house or through an agency) you can benefit from a comprehensive and up-to-date strategy that helps your brand improve its visibility on search engines.

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