The note that marketers are currently working on is either ‘Go Mobile, Or Go Home’. Mobile apps are the influencer for the growth. Nowadays, we have apps for almost everything, they have become so important to us. There is a lot of work being done behind to make an app a big success.  This article discuss a few at successful mobile marketing trends that you should definitely know.

Better Targeted Marketing

Location technology is getting superior every year. Targeting a large group was always an easy task but targeting an individual is what counts more. A business should use a personal approach when targeting an individual. Mobile app marketing is being used to give a more personalized user experience.

The Increasing Use Of Social Media Apps

It’s a fact that our society is full of social media addicts. And why shouldn’t anyone be, as social media lets you stay close to your loved ones, and it helps the businesses to stay in connect with their customer and keep them updated. Product or business can be marketed on the big social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

More Mobile Video

Video content engages the audience better. More than 40% of people around the world watches YouTube videos via mobile. It’s also easier for the user to get the information. Mobile videos are considered to be traffic generators, they can get you maximum traffic on your product. Follow these steps while making a video.

  • Make short videos
  • Make eye-catching videos
  • Make sure to test your video on many devices before publicizing it
  • Make audio clarity test

Cloud Apps

It is a very important technology for the innovation of app growth. Almost all apps with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and IoT needs large storage. It will be so stupid to host all of this on internal servers, so that is why Cloud Apps are the best solution for storage. Mobile app users often remove apps from there because of the storage trouble, having cloud apps solve that issue.

Artificial Intelligence

Mobile app developers have been using Artificial Intelligence for mobile apps now. Artificial Intelligence supports developers in safeguarding their security systems throughout the development. This tech provides predictions about security loopholes even before they happen. Built-in AI supports mobile apps will become even more majority in 2019 and later.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Google and Apple have been showing incredible new AR demonstrations on iPhone 8 and iPhone X, which tells that AR will be the game in 2019. AR mobile technology will spread out its functionality in other applications too. Applications empowered by augmented reality is flourishing in both the enterprise space and customer space.

Blockchain for app security

Mobile app users have some confidential stuff in your phone now and to keep it hidden, users need best security measures. In 2019. Mobile developers will be more devoted to making built-in security features in a mobile app. The technology that will be taking care of our safety and protecting user information is blockchain encryption.


We just told you the tech trends that will help the mobile marketing, and now we will share the best mobile marketing app agency that is experts.

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