5 Important Things to Consider Before Hiring a Construction Web Designer

To create a new construction website or to re-design an existing website which will meet your various construction business goals you need a construction web designer. Many construction web designers over the globe can handle your project fairly well and build a website that will lead you to your ultimate objective.

However, choosing a quality construction web designer can be a problem if you are not familiar with asking questions to a web developer. So, continue reading this article to know what are the 5 important things that you need to ask your web designer before handing him your project.

  • What can be expected from your construction website design?


The design is not how a website may look like; it also decides how the site will function. Modifying a pre-designed template is easy and takes less time while making a custom web design is more time-consuming. Also, a quality construction website design must have a responsive template for as many devices, browsers and its versions as possible that adjusts to display well on multiple devices. Your construction site visitor might visit your website from a mobile, tab or laptop or browsers such as Chrome, Firefox etc. So, it must be optimized for these devices and browsers. Ask your construction designer about the website design adaptability.

  • What responsibilities will be taken by the web designer?


Creating contents and finding appropriate photos to represent your company is one of the most time-consuming tasks of building a website. It is important to know if the web designer will be responsible for that because a web designer might not necessarily be a marketing genius who knows everything about your company. If you do not clarify that before signing up with the web designer then you will have a lot of work to get your website going.


  • How much will the project cost?

You need to know the actual cost of your whole project, with the additional cost of photography, marketing blurbs etc. because you should not want to be charged additionally to exceed your budget.

So ask if your bid is a fixed one or if the company can charge you something more(%) over the estimated price. Also, ask how the payment will work, most designers ask half of their payment upfront and rest of the fee upon completion. If you are asked to pay the full amount upfront, then you should not go further with the deal.

Besides, ask the designer if there will be any monthly payment after the completion of your website design and if additional stuff such as SEO, Content Creation, Photography, Social Media or Marketing requests are included in the bill.

  • What will happen after the contract ends?

After the completion of the project, you should ask your vendor to give you administrator privileges (account username and password) of the website so that you can update your website on your own. It is similarly vital to ensure that you remain on the charge of the website even when your relationship with the vendor goes wrong.

Moreover, you can ask your vendor if there will be any training for you upon completion of the project. Also, ask the vendor how many people will be able to train and for how long you will be allowed to train without any additional charge.

It is essential to own the website after it is completed because it will be difficult to transfer the website if your vendor owns it. Often this happens when your vendor is charging a low monthly rate for your site. Be aware of this because you might be proprietary software to create the site and there might not be a way to move the site from their service after it is completed.

  • What will happen if your vendor does not fulfill the contract?

Before signing the dotted line, it is a wise idea to talk about what will happen if the contract is not fulfilled with your construction web designer. Payments made to vendors are usually non-refundable, so try not to pay for the entire website upfront. Instead, you can choose to break payments into 2 or 3 portions to stay on the safer side.

So those were the ‘must ask’ questions to web designers before hiring them to design your website. I hope asking them will help you understand most aspects of your web design and help you to make a decision.

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