Everything You Should Know About Facebook Messenger Marketing in 2019

It is essential to find ways to engage with your followers and fans immediately, and the best way to do it is by using Facebook Messenger as the medium that will help you connect with site visitors and potential customers.

According to Facebook, Messenger users are sending more than two billion messages each month between both businesses and people alone.

Yes, we are talking about an unlimited amount of messages shared between businesses, which mean that you can use it for your particular requirements.

The primary goal of this particular post is to help you understand how to use Facebook Messenger so that you can drive website traffic towards your website with the idea to boost engagement with your visitors and potential customers at the same time.

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Before we start with everything, you should have in mind why Facebook Messenger is the best choice for your needs and how to get started:

Why Should You Use Facebook Messenger Marketing?

We can all agree that forms of communication have changed in the last few decades, and as we can only expect how it will change.

Of course, email is something that wins over other communication methods especially in terms of return on investment, using social media such as Facebook will help you gain more audience than before and that is a fact.

For instance, in 2018, messenger app use was much more significant when compared with social network usage and engagement. If you wish to learn more on Facebook Messenger, you should click here for more information.

That is why marketers wanted to create a form of marketing that uses Messenger as a way of reaching and engaging potential customers. It is an excellent solution because it will allow you to communicate with fans directly, which is more convenient than email marketing.

It will provide you the ability, especially if you have a small business, to build trust and develop a relationship through two-way communication. Finally, you can rest assured because it will provide you more engaging and personal ability to create trust.

A Brief Guide on Messenger Marketing

We can differentiate three ways to use the messenger app to help you improve your guest list and engage with potential customers:

  • Content Delivery – You should remember that Facebook messenger tends to provide you an alternative to some content that you wish to deliver via email especially if you want to improve your stats. Therefore, you do not have to ask your users to fill out a form to receive content through email; you can provide them an option to skip a form and time-consuming filling and to get the content by using Facebook Messenger. According to most users, this particular method for content delivery will provide you much higher open and click rate when compared with email and other means of content delivery.
  • Lead Generation – Apart from the idea that you will be able to promote a content you wish so that you can reach more potential customers, you will also be able to use it so that you can generate leads with ease. For instance, you will be able to confirm attendance inside the messenger, and they can also use it with the calendar so that they can get notification before the due date.
  • Customer Support and Feedback – Apart from being more accessible to your potential customers, Messenger is an excellent choice because it will give you possibility to increase customer feedback and support overall. You can get a high feedback rate by using this particular social media chat platform. This is really important because it is much more efficient than email call-to-action, mainly because the feedback rate will increase when you use Messenger.

If you wish to begin with this particular type of marketing, you should have in mind that and set that Facebook page is on the chat screen while you are visiting the messenger. If you wish to conduct that, you should enter Facebook and check your business page.

Enter Settings, and you can see a category called Messaging. Inside, you will find General Settings and finally press promptly so that people could see all the messages that you decide to send.

Create a Campaign

As soon as you make your Facebook ready, it is crucial to creating a link on your website that will help you drive all traffic towards Facebook messenger instead of other platforms that you can choose.

You can create a campaign on Ad Manager or by using other tools that will help you along the way. You should also decide which campaign type you wish to consider, but have in mind those templates you choose are entirely customizable.

Have in mind also that templates are a perfect starting point, and you have to drag & drop it so that you can get the most out of it. The idea is to hover the mouse over the template you wish to choose and as soon as you find it click on Use Template button.

You should visit this site: https://www.wikihow.tech/Use-Facebook-Messenger-Bots to learn how to use Messenger bots.

Edit Your Campaign

At the same time, you will be able to edit a campaign based on real-time and due to statistical errors that are happening along the way.

If you wish to edit a headline, we recommend you to click on it by using live preview, and you will find additional editing tools in Ad Manager that you can find on Facebook.

Since your primary goal is to drive your website traffic towards Messenger; the idea is to remove email signup field and instead of that, you should add a button that resembles a platform, and that will take visitors directly to your Facebook page.

Similarly, as with text fields, the idea is that you will be able to click on it so that you can use existing tools that you may require. You can also delete the email button, and add the different one based on the Messenger aesthetics.

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