What Vidmate’s app downloads tell us about the changing nation?

The online platforms have an end number of videos available. They can help one know new things, see the incident or educate them. In such a scenario, many people want to save the video on a smartphone so that they can use the same at any point of time and learn or share it with others. However, due to certain restrictions placed by the concerned platforms they cannot do so and hence have to take help of an app which can bring the video to the device from any of such platforms.

With around 90 thousand app installs and an average rating of 4.3, the Vidmate app has taken the entire nation by storm. From its easy to use functionality to its vast offerings, the company is tightening its belt to march ahead. The large following and the loyal fan- base of the company has swept all other players from the market easily. Video Downloader for X site, video downloader for the Y site, doesn’t simply work anymore.

People are seeking solutions that can replace them all and hence comes the role of Vidmate.With its unique set of offerings and the vast number of features that the app is providing, the company has set itself as the undoubted king in the content industry. But the journey doesn’t stop here; it is only the beginning of the entire journey that the company is looking forward to.

Unique opportunities for Vidmate

India is on the way of becoming a consumption based economy. With its demographic being unique (the average age is 29) we are ushering into an age of millennial. A young, party hard generation where people are spending more and more quality time together while being tech savvy at the same time, the preferences of young India is changing.

The younger generation is moving and breaking the traditional norms of Indian society. The younger India is looking forward to accessing media on their demand. The idiot box is of no value to them. It is the ease of access and the quality of content that matters to them.

Vidmate app download

Solving to their needs, the Vidmate app has been carefully designed and built to cater to the needs of the younger generation. Beautifully built and carefully executed features add a feather to the hat. Here are a few of its features that make Vidmate unique:-

  • Free HD video downloader and option to download in other formats.
  • Supports built-in browser to access the internet and a built-in player to watch videos offline.
  • Supports downloading of video content in the background.
  • Can save downloaded files directly in password-protected folders.
  • Can easily resume the failed downloads.
  • Supports downloading of huge files too.

The list here can go on, but what remains important is how the company is serving to the changing demands of the country while keeping something for everyone. The Vidmate app download experience is easy and intuitive enough while the entire user experience takes the app to the next level.

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