What is the Difference Between Tiramisu and Tiramisu Cake?

It is widely known that Tiramisu is a delightful Italian dessert with refined yet, intense taste. Its popularity never dies as this dessert never fails to mesmerize people. But, non-Italian might confuse Tiramisu with Tiramisu flavored cake. Some might assume Tiramisu flavored cake is the Italian Tiramisu. However, these two desserts have differences. So, do you know the difference?

Italian Tiramisu

Italian Tiramisu is a dessert made of different textures. From the crunchy ladyfingers soaked in coffee to the soft cream made with mascarpone and eggs. Known as one of the most famous desserts, people love it because of its taste. Besides, the making process doesn’t require a high amount of effort.

According to the authentic recipe, the dessert is supposed to have a rich and elegant taste. Besides, dessert is usually only served during special occasions. It is more common to have fruits after the meal rather than dessert at Italian tables. Therefore, Tiramisu is known for its exquisite appearance since the dessert was usually reserved for special events.

With unforgettable taste and luxurious appearance made from high-quality ingredients, this dessert received love from the world. The rule of Italian cuisine is also applied to the Italian dessert. Which is to create dishes with priority to provide pleasure above anything else.

Start from the iconic ladyfingers. Tiramisu is incomplete without the coffee-flavored ladyfinger cookies. Layered with the rich yet delicate “cream” made of mascarpone cheese and eggs. However, you could also make a coffee-flavored mascarpone by adding the desired amount of espresso into the mix. Coated with cocoa powder at the very top, then you can enjoy the dessert right away. Even though it may look too pretty to be eaten, don’t let yourself wait any longer. Give yourself a favor by trying this refined dessert,

Tiramisu-Flavored Cake

Tiramisu flavored cake or usually just called Tiramisu cake. This cake is made of layered coffee-flavored sponge cake and mascarpone cream. So to summarize it, this is a tiramisu-inspired cake that incorporates the exquisite taste of the original dessert.

To make the most crucial part of this cake, which is the sponge cake, you need several ingredients. Such as butter, sugar, eggs, lemon zest, flour, vanilla, and milk. To incorporate the taste of the tiramisu dessert, you should add espresso into the mix.

Done with the sponge, it’s time to make the mascarpone cheese cream. Add the cream between layers of the sponge cake and cover the whole cake with the mascarpone cream. Of course, you should not forget about the final coating. Lastly, coat the top of the cake with cocoa powder.

You can add another ingredient you want. Such as cookies, chocolate drops, white chocolate, extra mascarpone, anything. Because, when it comes to cakes, nothing will ever stop you from being creative. You can also skip all the processes and obtain this cake through the Tiramisu cake Singapore service.

Tiramisu and its History

The name Tiramisu comes from the Treviso dialect, which means “pick me up.” According to historical records, this exquisite dessert originated in Treviso in the 1800s. Back then, not everyone could have access to electricity. Refrigerators also are not as commonly found as in the modern-day. Therefore, this dessert was only available during particular occasions in Treviso. The ladies of the house usually prepared this dessert heartfully for their family and friends.

Dessert brought comfort and joy to whoever consumes it. It could also brighten up one’s day. Especially if the person is emotionally attached to the dessert. It would be a great comfort for them to have it when they need extra energy. The taste of this dessert has become the inspiration for other desserts. Such as pudding, drinks, candy, and cake.

More than Tiramisu Cake, its Rose Chai Tea Tiramisu

The taste of Tiramisu has become the inspiration for other desserts. Such as pudding, drinks, candy, and cake. Through the years, people have been experimenting with combining the taste of this dessert with other ingredients. One of the most unusual yet intriguing combinations is Rose Tea Tiramisu.

Rose chai tea is famous not only for its taste but also for the health benefits it has. It is hard to resist a healthy dessert, especially one that actually tastes amazing. For this dessert, you don’t need any coffee or chocolate. Since the taste is supposed to capture the exotic feels of the rose chai tea.

For the main ingredients, you might need chai tea, rosewater, eggs, copper sugar, ladyfingers, and of course, mascarpone cheese. Instead of coating it with chocolate, try coating it with pistachios and rose petals. Yes, rose petals. Rose petals are edible and healthy. It doesn’t contain a lot of calories because 90% of the petals are consist of water. Some people even turn rose petals into chips. Because for some, it is the perfect snack for a healthy diet.

Other Edible Flowers

Now that you’ve learned the fact that roses are edible, it’s time to get to know other edible blooms that might be a beautiful decoration for your dessert. Besides adding extra points to the presentation, some flowers could also bring a unique taste to your dessert, such as:

  1. The Sweet Honeysuckle
  2. The Aromatic Lavender
  3. The Peppery Nasturtium
  4. The Fresh Pansies

Dessert and flowers are such a perfect combination to enjoy. Whether alone or with a company like friends, family, or partner. Treating your close ones with dessert and flowers could also be a perfect way to celebrate special occasions. Such as anniversary, birthdays, reunion, or a gathering. If you need a bouquet as a gift, you might want to see some options available at the same day flower delivery Singapore. With the exquisite Tiramisu cake and charming flowers, nothing is stopping you to have a perfect celebratory moment.

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