A Gamer’s Guide to the Best Corsair Keyboards

Apart from VR gaming and Wii games, playing video games might seem like one of the least demanding activities for your body.

Most PC gamers don’t think of their hobby as physical activity. It might not be great exercise, but it is physically demanding in a sense. All that time you spend sitting pressing the keys does real damage to your body if you don’t have the right equipment.

If you never thought flashy gaming equipment like Corsair keyboards and high-end gaming chairs was worth buying, think again. Gaming furniture is designed to protect your posture, and Corsair gaming keyboards are ergonomic as well as extra-responsive and programmable for serious gamers.

Take a look at some of the best Corsair keyboards on the market.

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum

Try the Corsair K95 RGB Platinum keyboard if you have a lot of room on your desk and a relative lot of money to spend on a gaming keyboard. It’s a larger keyboard that has complete and customizable RGB backlighting.

The K95 RGB Platinum keyboard has 8MB of storage to hold on to three of your favorite lighting profiles. Another convenient feature is its USB port, perfect for plugging in a mouse or headset. It has easy-to-clean mechanical keys, a favorite among gamers.

A second handy maintenance feature is its anodized aluminum keyboard frame. Most keyboards don’t face the same perils as aircraft, but anodized aluminum is trusted to protect them, too. The frame connects to a detachable palm rest that’s textured on one side and smooth on the other.

Under the keycaps, the K95 RGB Platinum uses Cherry MX Speed Silver switches. Those are the fastest Cherry MX switches available. The most serious gamers love their unparalleled responsiveness.

You can use the keyboard’s six macro keys to program the keystroke patterns you use the most. Using these keys makes gaming less repetitive and exhausting, giving you more energy for…more gaming, of course! Corsair expects you’ll get so much use out of this keyboard that they include extra keycaps.

Corsair K70 RGB MK.2

This Corsair keyboard is more affordable than the K95 RGB Platinum but has most of the same features. These are the two biggest differences:

  • It doesn’t have macro keys
  • It uses Cherry MX RGB Red switches instead of MX Speed Silver switches

The obvious benefit of these changes—if you don’t need the features the K95 has that the K70 lacks—is that you can save money for more gaming equipment. What may be less obvious are some reasons gaming keyboards with all the bells and whistles aren’t for everyone who can afford them.

If you do a lot of traveling, you need the option to bring your gaming gear with you. A keyboard with all the features that make the K95 as big as it is isn’t practical for plane travel. The lack of macro keys along with a detachable palm rest makes the K70 easy to carry around.

The RGB Red switches aren’t as fast as the Speed Silver switches on the K95 RGB Platinum. Yet, they’re still high-quality switches made for gaming. You can upgrade to Speed Silver switches if you’re willing to pay a bit more.

Corsair K63 Wireless

Wired keyboards sometimes glitch less than wireless keyboards and limited battery life can make going wireless a hassle. Not an issue with the Corsair K63 Wireless keyboard.

Corsair fine-tuned the wireless capability on the K63. Battery life lasts up to 75 hours with the backlights switched off. If you have the settings on full brightness and full RGB, you still get about 10 hours from a full charge.

This is a great option for any serious gamer who wants to game while sitting on the couch, a big lounge chair, or bed. Console gamers who like to use a keyboard and gamers that use keyboards with their smart TVs love this model, too.

The K63 Wireless is also a choice buy for anyone who wants to use their laptop with a separate keyboard. Now, it’s important to know that wireless keyboards aren’t as responsive as wired keyboards. A direct connection between the computer and the keyboard means signals travel faster between the hardware.

Yet, wired keyboards come with downsides. A long USB cord connecting your keyboard to a monitor on the opposite side of the room from your couch is a tripping hazard. Using a wired keyboard with a laptop at a desk could be a hazard too if you accidentally pull too hard on your keyboard or snag the cord and hurl your fancy gaming laptop to the ground.

If you’re a clumsier person—and there’s no shame in it—the K63 is a superior alternative to other wireless keyboards on the market. Like the K70 RGB MK. 2, it uses Cherry MX RGB Red switches. That’s not common on wireless keyboards, and what you’ll be more hard-pressed to find is another wireless keyboard that lets you upgrade to Speed Silver switches.

Corsair K63 Compact

Corsair made the K63 Compact keyboard for gamers in search of a quality gaming keyboard on a tight budget and extra-light travelers. This is one of the most affordable options Corsair offers, but there are some trade-offs.

Unlike these other options, the K63 Compact is monochromatic: It has nothing but red backlighting. If all you want from your backlighting is to be able to see your keys, this should do the trick.

The K63 Compact is missing a number pad, profile choice buttons, and palm rest, too. Losing them cuts down on both bulk and cost.

The keyboard makes up for its shortcomings with other features we’ve come to expect from Corsair, though. As its name suggests, it’s a close cousin to the K63 Wireless keyboard. It’s almost the same thing apart from those few features that it’s missing.

It uses gaming-focused Cherry MX Red switches as the K63 Wireless does. It also has media buttons if you like to be able to toggle between activities without much effort. The best part is that the K63 Compact keyboard comes in under $100, a rarity for new Corsair gaming keyboards.

Corsair K65 LUX RGB

Do you want a compact keyboard but aren’t quite willing to part with all the features the K63 Compact leaves off? Take a look at the Corsair K65 LUX RGB keyboard. This design offers the best of the best Corsair features for less than their top models.

You pay more for the K65 LUX RGB than you do for the K63 Compact, but you get what you pay for. It has a high-quality aluminum frame as the K95 RGB Platinum has, and the palm rest to match. Another top-of-the-line feature the K65 LUX RGB keyboard has is full RGB backlighting

Also like that premium model, it comes with a USB port perfect for gaming accessories. Like the budget K63 Compact, it loses the number pad for the sake of saving space.

It also cuts down on costs compared to the K95 RGB like the K63 Compact and the rest of these keyboards by offering Cherry MX Red instead of Speed Silver switches on the base model. If that’s a make-or-break feature for you, don’t worry because you can upgrade to Speed Silver switches with no trouble.

Also like that model, the compact K65 LUX RGB is a good choice for people who don’t need some of the features it loses. If gaming isn’t your primary activity and you want more space on your desk or the couch for other things, this is a good choice.

Switching from serious gaming to homework or drawing on an artist’s tablet is super easy with this model. The Cherry MX Red switches aren’t the top model for gamers but make life easier for people trying to use the keyboard for multiple things. The most sensitive switches that work best for gaming can make regular typing and other activities difficult.

Lenovo Legion 7i Laptop

Okay, okay, so this isn’t exactly a Corsair keyboard, but it has one! The Legion 7i is a Lenovo laptop with Corsair iCUE RGB keyboard lighting integrated.

Keyboard lighting is valuable to serious gamers. Dimmed lights get the best visual experience from the top video games. A backlit keyboard helps gamers be sure of which keys they click.

Corsair’s iCUE software lets users customize the keyboard’s colors and synchronize lights with other iCUE compatible devices. Gamers can even synchronize lights to reflect in-game events.

If you want to enjoy Lenovo’s impressive hardware with a separate Corsair keyboard and a separate monitor, no problem. Lenovo has you covered with a Legion gaming tower. You should give these a look if you need a new gaming PC.

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