Professional Skills to Look for in Job Applications

As an employer, you are always looking for the best available candidate to fill any job openings that you have at your company. Whenever you offer job opportunities to individuals, one of the things that you will need to do is evaluate applications filled out by candidates. When evaluating applications submitted by candidates, there are a number of skills that you will need to find in order to determine if the candidate is the best one available. By looking at these skills, you will have an easier time finding an ideal job candidate and filling a needed position as soon as possible.


One of the main types of skills that you will want to look for in a job applicant is software skills. Many jobs require knowledge of certain software in order to complete daily functions. Depending on the occupation, you will want to look for candidates who have knowledge in proficiency in software such as Great Plains, Quickbooks, Sage, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and Powerpoint. A candidate who has these software skills will prove to you that they have the necessary skills to best perform the job opening you have available.


Another skill that employers will need to look for in job applications is typing skills. Many companies prefer candidates to be able to type up to 40 words per minute. Having the ability to type quickly is always beneficial for businesses. This is essential for typing letters, emails, reports and memos to colleagues and customers. Any employer looking to hire someone for a job such as an administrative assistant will want to look for candidates who reveal that they can type at this speed. With someone who can type quickly, you will be able to run your business more efficiently.


With the advances in technology, it is important to find a candidate who has computer skills. There are many types of computer skills that candidates should have in order to be a competitive job applicant. These skills include, using certain software, accessing applications, downloading applications, troubleshooting computers and also developing websites and programs. A job candidate who has all of these computer skills will always be an asset for your company.


One of the things that make candidates more credible and appealing to companies are ones who have certifications and professional designations. While many job candidates without these credentials will be able to perform a job at a satisfactory level, ones with certifications and professional designations will give you more assurance that they are competent at a particular job. For example, looking for a CPA to fill an accounting position or an information technology professional who has certification in database administration or security analysis will make them stand out and convince you that they are well trained for the type of job you need to have filled. Likewise, if you are looking for a building manager, then facility management services training and certification can provide assurances about someone’s capabilities to perform the required tasks.


As well as having computer skills, professional designations and typing skills are very important for any job candidate to have, companies also look for candidates who have interpersonal skills as well. It is a good idea to look for job applicants who have a proven track record of leadership and teamwork. You will also want to look for candidates who have critical thinking and problem solving skills. As a company, you will want to look for candidates who are also professional, friendly and willing to do what is best for the organization. Applicants who have these interpersonal skills will allow you to find an ideal candidate.

Job applicants who have all of these skills will definitely benefit your company. Whenever you are hiring for an open position, it is advised to look for candidates who are both proficient in using software and equipment as well as being easy to interact with. Finding candidates with these skills will enable companies to more easily evaluate candidates and find the one that will help it reach its goals in the near future.

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