Don’t know anything about cybersecurity? Here are some simple solutions

A customer enters the office of a photographer and takes some pictures. He decides to transfer money to the customer’s account using his online banking platform. In the process of the transfer, the photo editor in the photography shop spies and crams the login details of the customer. A few days later, the customer hands his phone to the same photo editor to copy the soft copy of the pictures he snapped into the phone. The photo editor consequently used the opportunity to transfer some money from the client’s phone to his account and deletes the messages. The customer later notices the deficiency from his balance after his next transaction and heads to the bank. Only to later discover the name of the account the missing sum was transferred to was that of the photo editor in the photography store. Cybersecurity is becoming more and more important as a significant part of our lives is moving to the Internet. We now have a lot of our sensitive details and make purchases on the Internet. The implication is that if anybody can get access to our computer or our details, they could use it to our detriment. In order to avoid this, it is important that you know about cybersecurity. However, if you do not have any hint about it, it doesn’t have to get all technical. Here are some simple things that you can do to stay safe.

Use VPN Connections

The use of VPN connections will help to keep your activities private on the Internet. It will be very difficult for people to see what you are doing online and know it. This includes people trying to spy on you on the Internet as well as those that want to look at your history after you have stood up from your computer. Using VPN connections does this by hiding your IP address. It is worthy of note that it is not only bad guys that spy at you when you are using the Internet. For instance, some websites you visit also want to check some information about what you are browsing with the aim of using it to advertise products you might be interested in. VPN connections can also shut off such type of monitoring. A VPN connection, is thus, a very vital aspect of online security as they hide the IP address of your computer.

Having good antivirus

A good antivirus will protect you from viruses and malware that could infect your computer with the aim of getting information and sending to a hacker. Additional, it would also protect your computer from virus infection that could slow down or spoil your computer.

Check out website links before entering sensitive details

If you are visiting a website, you should be sure that the website is the real one. One of the way to know if it is the real one is if it has SSL security. The aim of the security is to let you know that you are using the right website and also to avoid your information from being stolen. You can know a website with SSL by checking if the website name on the address bar begins with https://. If it starts with Http or just the name of the website, it is not Http secured. You should avoid such links, even if it is the right link. In this case, it will only show that the website does not care about the security of its users.

Be careful about clicking links

One of the easiest ways hackers get information online is by sending link to email impersonating your bank or other organizations and asking you to fill it. For instance, you could get a message that you have a message on the dropbox and you should log in. However, the website address will be different and once you fill in, they would have gotten your login information. This is considering a lot of people use the same password for different accounts. You should always confirm that the address is correct whenever you click a link. If you already entered your details before you noticed that it was a wrong website, quickly change your password and your security details.

Be careful about people spying you physically

One of the least talked about the way people can get your information is by spying over your shoulder physically. When you are entering sensitive information, be sure nobody is close enough that is watching you while you enter your details. They could easily cram it and use it against you later.

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