How AI Helps Save You from Cyber Attacks

Artificial Intelligence is already taking the world by storm by displaying the unexpected things that technology is capable of accomplishing. The same goes for cybersecurity. Artificial Intelligence is changing the way people dealt with cyber-attacks in the past.

I agree that Spectrum Internet availability has been more of a blessing to me than a curse. However, at times I do feel that I am exposed to more threats as well that come to staying online for hours. However, advancements in technology are finally changing things to some extent. AI and protection from cyber-attacks is the topic of discussion for this blog…

Predictive Analytics

AI for protection against cyber-attacks works in a similar way to how predictive analytics operates. Companies cannot afford to rely completely on manpower. There has to be something that can share the workload with their human resources. Moreover, human knowledge is limited when it comes to dealing with cyber-attacks. Companies cannot afford to overlook this issue because cyber-attacks are increasing, affecting businesses in a negative way.

Companies now need to spend more time and money on security than ever before. Employing the use of technology to protect themselves is not enough for companies though. They need to keep up with ever-evolving technologies such as malware as well.

Under such circumstances, AI will help save time and money that companies spend on searching for various solutions to deal with cyber-attacks. Moreover, AI will also help companies increase their production efficiency. Some of the areas in cyber-security that AI can revolutionize include:

  • Organizing cyber strategy approaches
  • Investigating actionable intelligence
  • Cleaning and fixing infected networks, devices, and applications


Among the several ways in which AI can help businesses deal with cyber-attacks include attacks with impersonation of trusted users. AI attacks will not only be tailored but they will also operate at scale. The types of malware will have the ability to track everything about an individual’s behavior as well as the language that he or she often uses by collecting data from his or her social media and other interactions over time. This would also include the email interactions that an individual carries out.

It will also collect information from the web that can be of help to protect users from any cyber-attacks. Thus aiding companies in securing their data and preventing any data leak.

AI and Cyber Threat Detection

Organizations will now be able to detect a cyber-attack in advance. This will warn a company or a business well before time so they can easily take precautionary measures. Machine Learning, a major part of Artificial Intelligence will enable all this. Machine Learning has already been proven beneficial and effective in detecting cyber-attacks before time. It does so by analyzing data and identifying a potential threat.

All of this is possible because of the algorithms that Machine Learning can produce as a result of the data received, learning over time from all the data received and eventually understanding what improvements to propose. In the cybersecurity environment, this means that machine learning will enable the computer to predict any forthcoming threat. It can then look for anomalies with much greater precision than humans ever could.

AI and Password Protection

Another feature that will ensure the enhancement of cyber-security is password protection and authentication. Perhaps the most common reason why hackers can break into a system is a weak password. Because most of us are often lazy to come up with a strong and unique password. Hence, suffering as a result. We often end up using the same password across multiple channels.

Biometric authentication, however, is changing the way passwords operated. They are an alternative to passwords and are much more reliable. A face recognition system, for example, makes it difficult even for a user to login to his account at times. These instances include moments when you may have a different hairstyle than the one installed as a face recognizer. One can only imagine how much protection a biometric system will provide against hackers.

Apart from all this, AI will also aid in vulnerability management and phishing detection among other things. I was having a Spectrum TV stream when I realized that we now connect our laptops and the Internet to TVs as well. This implies that hackers can attack us from this source as well.

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