The Difference Between Dedicated & Shared Hosting

In this article, we shall be telling you about the necessary differences between dedicated and shared hosting. Also, we shall be providing you a brief discussion on the highlighted differences, which will surely help you in choosing the right one for your online internet business website.


The difference between the dedicated server and shared hosting is one of the most famous talks of the town. Actually, it is necessary to get knowledge about the dedicated servers and shared hosting so that on this basis you can make a better decision in buying a server which is purely based on your need and desire.

The dedicated server vs shared hosting can be differentiated through the specs and functions. Also, you will get an adequate amount of knowledge in selecting the right server for your online internet business website. So, let’s get started.

Security Features:

The shared hosting is weak in security concerns. The security system is one of the most concerns of the online internet business website owner because of security threats. The shared hosting is comparatively weak in security concerns and is exposed to the cyber-attacks. Also, the shared hosting is being in use of many servers so there is a lot of chance of corrupting data.

Unlike shared hosting, dedicated hosting has a good security system. Also, the dedicated server protects the precious data of your online internet business website safe from cyber-attacks. Furthermore, the dedicated server cannot be easily hacked through an ordinary means due to a strong security system.


The shared servers are good at performance and provide a good service to the users. Also, the shared servers are good for small websites because the shared servers are usually used for small websites because of the short capacity of the shared servers.

Unlike the shared hosting, dedicated servers provide more advanced performance relative to the shared server. This is basically due to the new technology installed in it, which intensifies the features of the dedicated servers.

IP Address: 

The IP address is also one of the main concerns for online internet business websites because of online internet business websites. The shared hosting doesn’t have any unique Ip address and therefore the dedicated servers are preferred over the shared hosting.

Unlike shared hosting, dedicated hosting has a unique IP address which has the ultimate benefit of protecting your precious data from being used by others. The dedicated hosting is good at providing a unique Ip address for your online internet website.


The shared hosting is usually cheaper than the dedicated hosting. This is primarily due to the functions that are installed on it. The shared hosting is cheaply available in the online internet markets at a reasonable price and also available in the local stores.

Unlike the shared hosting, dedicated servers are not cheap in prices and usually are more expensive than shared hosting. This is purely due to the new technology installed on the dedicated hosting.

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