6 Things the Best Websites Have in Common

The internet has democratized who can start a business because now all it takes is a website to get an online store churning out sales. An e-commerce store is simply a website with added payment functionality via a third party. This is a very simple piece of code that can work in harmony with a pre-existing layout. There are, however, additional risks and considerations to make in relation to any e-commerce store – things you need to know to make yours most effective. This simple guide will take you through every element that needs to be considered, helping you construct the perfect website.

  1. They are Safe

Security is one of the most predominant elements of a good website. There are many ways you can protect your site’s users from SQL attacks and protect their sensitive data. It is imperative to any good website that you make sure that security is a promise that you offer users and that you store their data in a safe, encrypted manner. It may seem like a basic point, but it is a foundation for the rest of your site and an unsecured website will be harmful to everyone involved and will cause search engines to ‘demote’ your website.

  1. They are Well Hosted

The best websites are hosted by companies through the cloud. Web hosting providers such as krystal.uk offer a fast, professional hosting service and they offer 24/7 support if you need it. A good web host is essential for your site’s visitors to explore your website with efficiency and ease, helping them enjoy your site instead of being frustrated by its loading speed.

  1. They are Accessible to Everyone

It is extremely important that you adhere to accessibility principles when you are building your website. This enables people with disabilities to use your website.

  1. They are Researched

A well-researched website will enable users to enjoy their time on your site, therefore they will visit again. By adhering to UX principles when you design your website, you will be able to create the best possible experience for your site’s users.

  1. They are Regularly Updated

If your website contains irrelevant and unused information, it will be demoted by search engines. This is because it is bad practice to ‘overload’ a site and not to delete information that is out of date. As often as you remove old information, you must add new content on a weekly basis. This can be in the form of blogs, photographs or videos.

  1. They are Beautifully Designed

This is one of the most difficult elements of creating a website because expectations and trends are constantly evolving. Simplicity is key when designing your site. If you do not want to maintain it regularly, try to design your site with minimalism in mind; it is also worth researching contemporary design trends to help give your site a contemporary edge. The design of your website will show how professional your organization or company is, therefore it is extremely important.

There are some simple yet effective website principles that the top sites have in common, and hopefully, these tips will help give you inspiration for the look, feel and usability of your own corner of the web.

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