Review on Drop Ship Lifestyle: All you Need to Know

With the help of dropshipping, the owner, founder and CEO of dropship lifestyle, Anton Kraly, was able to build, earn and sell millions worth of products and services. Dropship Lifestyle is an online course that coaches individuals that plan to venture into the e-commerce industry.

Kraly started venturing into the e-commerce world way back in 2007 when he founded his first e-commerce store. He suggested that the initial success of his enterprise has led to his early financial freedom.

It took him more or less five years to finally launch one of his most successful enterprise, the Dropship Lifestyle. Besides engaging in online coaching, Kraly also makes his fortune from creating or starting e-commerce stores. He runs Amazon affiliated stores as well as promoting for affiliated networks. In this article, we will do a little Dropship Lifestyle Review and maybe talk about history and its advantages.

Dropship Lifestyle Introduction

In reality, this lifestyle tutorials was designed to give entrepreneurs and people who are just starting in this industry a way to train for their e-commerce business. From the start of their business to the time it will achieve success.

Dropship Lifestyle has targeted students and graduates,  as job hunting becomes very difficult and the employment opportunities become more and more scarce, especially for young people and fresh graduates, making sure they receive all the necessary experiences when they start their career. The course employs a model that gives a cost-to-cost type of approach when it comes to e-commerce.

The program has seven modules in the form of a video with additional texts to complement it. Not only that, people who invested in the course will have access to a member’s forum, which is a Shopify web designed and a private session.

What does the program contain?

The Dropship Lifestyle coaching course has seven main modules with additional modules as a bonus. Beginners with no prior knowledge about drop shipping are offered with a free mini-course that explains everything you need to know about this topic. It is designed to run for more or less ten days, introducing people to the basics of drop shipping and allow them to be familiarized with the concept before they start with the main course.

From there, the training course is divided into two parts. The first part is known as the Drop Ship Lifestyle Labs, which is designed for people who are just starting with this line of business. This course is different from the free mini-course for beginners because the Drop Ship Lifestyle Labs tackle different elements of e-commerce and drop shipping.

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The course will also address how to succeed in your business. It is a simpler course meant to help beginners to get accustomed to their new environment. The second part is the actual course for Drop Ship Lifestyle. It is intended for people who completed the first course and ready to launch their very own business or expand the existing ones.

As mentioned above, the program is a video series with an in-depth tutorial with steps on how to succeed in the e-commerce industry. It is essential to understand that the Dropship Lifestyle lab program has more or less the same modules as the real DPL. The difference is that the content in DPL has slightly more details and in a full package. The course is broken down into different modules:

Selecting the niche

The key to finding success to your business in a cluttered industry like e-commerce is to find the right niche for your business. The goal of the first video in this course is to demonstrate to people how to find real value on their idea and make profits from the niche they choose. The course will also show what will and what will not work for your business. In this part of the program, you will learn what kinds of products you need to consider to be a successful business. 

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Market research 

With real samples, you can learn audience segmentation and targeting to find out who whether your product is relevant to your niche or not. It will also involve competitor analysis, and how to start one. There are other modules in this program like:

  • The Online Store
  • Drop shipping
  • Site Optimization
  • Traffic

You will also encounter how to automate different tasks in your business to reduce the workload since you will be more focused on engaging with your clients more personally.

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