Google’s New Trend That Nobody Knows About!

Ta, in your face all you damn SEOs!

One man alone, one man alone betrayed by his own country will save it from collapsing. (Copied shamelessly from Transformers franchise, just like I always do)

I am good at copying and see what I copied today, the latest Google’s gift to the world.

Get book!

Ok, this is old!

Borrow book from your nearest nest!

This is what Google introduced in the latest update.

Now you can know the list of nearest book libraries that you can borrow from the book that you have been looking for so long.

See this tweet.


E-books only! But that’s ok as the trend of paperback has gone too vivid and complex in our imagination and we surely like simple things.

This update can be ground-breaking once released for the outer world.

(Oh, is there an outer world? We thought there’s all Sea outside America.)

Clicking on that tool will take you wherever you want to go.

Go to Harvard by picking up a Dan Brown’s book, or back in time by Shakespeare or full speed ahead with George Orwell, it’s upto you.

Books will obviously lead you where you don’t want to go while sacrificing your guard against the mystical land of alternate realities.

Readers know the benefits of book reading, avid readers know the darker side of it.

So, coming back at it, let’s see what Google has got for you, the US readers.


Yeah, too bad! Google despite having an Indian CEO run its errands just for you guys.

Which is why most authors make their way out of the Western countries not the East, where the Sun rises.

So, anyway you can go to their digital library and preview any book of your liking. And if you like it enough order the e-book online.

It will make you cringe once you learn the obesity of people looking for books all time.

How will it affect the SEO strategies?

It won’t or maybe it’s still under speculation as we don’t know it yet or haven’t fully understood what went into Google’s brain while thinking of something like this.

No doubt, it will benefit the entire reader’s population going gaga over the trend of ebooks. But, it may also cause serious havoc to the traditional paperback versions.

It brings me to my next point which is,

What happened to the avid readers?

Yeah, age old romance of girls wearing glasses and their comfortable robes while reading stupid romantic stories and boys standing on the road looking at her balcony jese kal ka sooraj wahin se niklega.

They aren’t avid readers!

Avid readers are those who spend their hours on a particular page trying to figure exactly why they should sleep instead of finishing it.

E-books lack feel and probably chills as well. The reverberating sound of turning pages or the urge to complete one page just to feel the above mentioned feeling, these are used to be the steps to awesomeness. Now, people read books on one screen while getting disturbed by messages on the other.

When people ask what happened to them good old days, I ask them the similar question but the context is different!

Book reading world is one thing, the other being world itself.


What People are Saying?

Well, the response is different according to the way we see it. Either you will absolutely love the changing scenarios of this world or you will hate it if you are that conservative about your interests.

What people are saying is irrelevant to the deaf ears of SEO agency in India as they don’t care about the mortal world but their stupid everlasting content aggregation strategies.

Guess what? They are the reason behind your ability to read this line!

If God ever build a key to the Universe, he’ll surely consider candidature of a SEO guy for this as they properly know how to hide or find something.

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