Choosing Mobile App’s Features: Everything You Should Know

. For themes, they are success criteria that you can achieve your goals. So, when you write your ideas, the app’s features that you aim to become apparent.

  • Role Of The App

According to the minimum viable product, you need to focus mostly on solving problems that the people you are aiming should experience. When you hone a single issue, you will, therefore, establish strong product vision in regards to the mobile app.

It is a great approach that will enable you to set some specific success. When you have a vision statement, it will help in creating a definite sense of direction. It is the role of the vision statement also to define the problem solving that intended users are facing.


For you to choose the features that you need for your mobile app, it will require a planning process. So, you have to define product objectives, vision and success criteria for your product. The mobile app features become apparent.

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