Popular FAQs on UC mini install

What is UC mini?

UC browser is one of the most famous and popularly used browsers as it requires very less amount of data and is ideal for situations where there is poor internet connectivity. Regular browsers consume a lot of data and cannot operate under such situations. This is where UC browser is advantageous over other browsers. So even if you are not regularly using a UC browser it is a must-have for your system. UC mini is the mobile version of the browser which is ideal for use in your smartphones and tablets.

Is UC mini available for free?

Yes, you can download the UC mini browser for free from the official app store as well as from the UC site. 

Is UC mini ideal for android phones?

Yes, of course, UC mini browser is the most perfect choice for Android devices. It is compatible with Android and even available on the official google play store.

Can you download videos over UC browser?

Yes, why not. UC browser is quite fast and the same goes for the mini version. You can easily download your favourite games and apps as well as videos using the UC browser.

How to install UC mini for android devices?

UC mini install for Android devices is the simplest of all. You need todownload the app from the google play store and then wait for auto installation procedure which takes a couple of minutes or even less. It is not a third-party app and requires no additional installation procedure.

Is UC mini safe to install?

Yes, it is an official app available in the app store and is free from any virus or any other malware. If an app is not safe then google play store will not officially keep it. So, you can be secured about any virus as well as with your personal information while using this app.

Is the preload function available in the UC mini browser?

Yes, this option is available with the UC mini browser and it demands more data than usual. This option definitely helps to save time but consumes more data. In UC mini browser you can enable or even turn off this feature as per your desire.

How to view browsing history on UC browser mini for android devices?

For Android devices, you will see that a star-shaped icon appears in the top left corner of your homepage. You just need to click on this star icon and view your history as well as bookmarks. You can also view your search history by visiting the menu options from the setting.

Is UC mini recommended?

Yes, definitely if you are visiting a network limited space in your recent future make sure you have this app in your device as it will be of great help to you. The browser is not as attractive as others but it definitely operates at high speed and the recent version has several bugs fixed.

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