How does 9apps make our life easier?

If you are an Android user then you know how important Google Play Store services are. But you might not be aware that Google Play Store isn’t the only platform from where we can download our apps. 9apps has been gaining great popularity over the years as it allows downloading of various types of games as well as apps.

What are the device requirements for installing 9apps?

Basically, this is a free app which requires Android version of or even higher which needs to be installed on any of the devices which is compatible with it. Well, you are recommended to make use of this app store but there are a few things that will be answered with regards to the app below.

What are the various features of this application?

Firstly, the app has an interface which is user-friendly. It makes it very convenient for all the users to browse through the categories which take you directly to that section from which you will have to download your app. Also, the speed of optimization of this application is high. The app is light in weight and will consume only about 3 MB to 4 MB of your space on your Android device. Due to the light-weight feature of the app, there are no much technical glitches that you will come across.
With 9apps you can be free of stress as your data is entirely safe with them. You are assured that no data will be leaked due to this app. Another great feature that the app offers to all its users is that it is available in 14 different language which definitely includes English and this makes it friendlier to all the user out there.

Are there any perks of using this app?

In the first step, the app doesn’t cost you a penny. So you are not spending any of your money on it. In the same way, all the apps that are available in this store are free of cost. It has an interface which is simple and easy to use this even if a person has no knowledge about the application he can easily navigate through it and find what he has been looking out for. Users can easily download anything that they desire – right from ringtones, wallpapers, apps, movies, games to videos and much more in just one place. For all the Android users, it is very simple and easy to find all the apps in just one store.

Is this application free from the virus?

Well, yes. This is one great feature that is being offered by the app, that even though it is a third party app, it tends to be free from the virus. They have a strict policy against content which might be threatening and malicious. Also, the developers make sure that all your personal information and content is kept away from being leaked, this ensures proper safety of your information.

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