Free Strategies to Generate More Website Traffic

Whether you are just setting up a new business website from the comfort of your first apartment home or you have a highly successful ecommerce business that you want to have grown even more successful, getting website traffic is a key component to that. If you are looking to increase your website traffic organically, without spending a lot of money on advertising, here are some strategies you can employ right away.

  1. Maximize Social Media Presence

If you aren’t already posting about your website on your favorite social media platforms, then it’s time to start. Social media is a powerful tool in your arsenal to help drive people to your site. Use Twitter, Facebook, and even Instagram to build rapport with your audience and point them towards your website.

  1. Focus on Your Headlines

To get people to come to your site, they need a hook. That hook is your headline. Even the best written blog post or article in the world will be ignored if the headline is boring. Learn how to write good headlines, and watch as your traffic increases.

  1. Guest Blog

Guest blogging remains a free and easy way to generate blog traffic. Writing blog posts for other blogs in your niche, and linking to your site in them, is an excellent way to get traffic. Keep in mind that you need to provide helpful content that the blog will want to publish, and also work to keep your post helpful to the reader so they will want to click through and see what you have to offer.

Guest blogging can be a two-way street, as well. Having others from popular sites guest blog on your site can drive their audience to your website, and you just might pick up some new traffic as a result.

  1. Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is technically a social network, but because it is a professional social network it deserves its own point. Posting on LinkedIn will draw professional traffic to your website, and also help brand you as a leader in your particular field at the same time.

  1. Improve Internal Linking

One of the factors that influences SEO is linking, and your internal linking is part of that. Linking from one page of your site to others not only helps your rank, but it also helps your users dig deeper into your site. Make these internal links helpful and relevant, and it will eventually help your traffic.

Running an online business requires online traffic. Implementing simple strategies such as these will go far in helping you build a following and generate greater traffic on your site.

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