Convert visitors to buyers using HumCommerce

While launching your own eCommerce store is quite a fascinating and trendy action, however, it might not always be rosy for everyone. Most of the times, because of less knowledge and even lesser experience, people end up wasting a lot of time and money on trying to make things work out.

When you objectify your goals and desires, you must keep in mind that your store visitors are not going to take your store the way you would want them to. And, surprisingly, there is going to be a significant difference between your expectations and their actions.

And, this is the exact point where most of the store owners don’t fit well. Since they have a completely different game running in their minds, they don’t generally prepare for anything going wrong. But the truth is, your store plan may ditch your path and create its own in no time.

And, this leaves you with no option than to fix things then and there. Fortunately, for those who aren’t familiar with this methodology much, the internet has several significant solutions that can be used at the time of an emergency or otherwise as well.

So, if you have a great idea and don’t know how to execute it properly, you can make use of online tools for good. One such tool that is making a buzz lately is HumCommerce. This tool helps you with consistent optimization of the store to procure amazing results.

It provides you with the necessary data that even helps you increase the conversion rate seamlessly. So, here is everything about HumCommerce that you’d like to know:

What Is HumCommerce?

Being one of the most considerable tools, HumCommerce allows you to figure out essential data and specific insights to grow your business without any hassles. With this tool, you can execute several actions, including generating heat maps, analyzing visitors’ behavior, recording visitor sessions, and much more.

Features of HumCommerce

Equipped with considerable features, this tool can provide you several amazing things to experiment with. Here are some of the primary features of this tool:


HumCommerce is integrated with heat maps that allow you to keep a tab on your visitors’ activities on your eCommerce store. Furthermore, it is even divided into three different parts that are meant to provide varied data.

With click maps, you can find out the buttons or links where your visitors are clicking the most. And, move maps tell you such areas where your visitors are moving their cursors. And, scroll maps clarify the extent to which visitors are scrolling on a certain page.

This data is important enough to optimize the store accordingly.

Visitor Session Recordings

This feature is important as it lets you understand the way your visitors are using your store. With real-time recording, it tells clears all those areas that your visitors are liking the most and even such areas where they are getting confused or stuck.

With such data in hand, you’d be able to optimize your store in a way that would attract more and more visitors.

Users’ Flow

Obviously, your visitors wouldn’t work as per your instructions. They are going to do whatever they’d like on your eCommerce store. And, how would you get to know whether they are on the right path or not?

HumCommerce makes it pretty easy. With this one feature, you can have an insight into how your store visitors are navigating and gain visual reports for the same.

Form Analytics

If your eCommerce store has forms, you’d want to know whether it is worth keeping there or not, right? Figuring out how your store’s forms are attracting visitors helps you calculate the better outcome.

Thus, with this feature, you can discover which fields are attracting enough and which ones aren’t making any impact. Thus, you can boost your conversion rate removing or adding fields.

A/B Testing

Undoubtedly, A/B testing is one of the essential features that help you establish a comparison between two different versions of a landing page or any other page of your eCommerce store, for that matter.

With this feature, you can compare several aspects, including buttons, website copy, color schemes, and more. In this way, finding what is attracting your real traffic the most will help you enhance your conversion rate seamlessly.

Additional Features

While these were the primary ones, HumCommerce even offers additional features, including conversion funnels, conversion attribution, custom reports, site search insights, crawling errors, automated insights, days to conversion, sales performance by user location, category performance, and much more.

Reasons to Choose HumCommerce?

Considering how significant this tool is, there are several reasons to choose it. Some of them are:

  • Tracking user activity
  • Tracking user flow
  • Ease recording of user sessions
  • Checking relevant keywords that can rank better
  • Knowing what works best with A/B testing
  • Analyzing forms on the store
  • Measuring conversion funnel
  • Assessing campaigns
  • Creating custom reports

How to Set HumCommerce On the Website?

HumCommerce is one versatile tool that can work proficiently well with Shopify, eCommerce, and WooCommerce platforms. And, setting this tool is not a tough job either. For those who are using WooCommerce stores, this tool comes with a dedicated WordPress plugin that makes the journey super easy and simple.

Once you have signed up on HumCommerce and have activated your account, you can then install and activate this plugin by simply entering your HumCommerce SiteID and connect the account with your WooCommerce store.

HumCommerce comes with its own personal dashboard that lets you execute all the tasks from there.

What Does HumCommerce Dashboard Offer?

This dashboard lets you do almost everything. Here are some of the specific activities:

Observing Specific Data

Apart from putting forward a lot of other analytical data, here you can even keep an eye on real sales data from the store. Here, there is an Ecommerce tab where you can see successful purchases and abandoned cart rates.

Not just that, but this section even displays actions that led to the end result of users. You can even view product data along with overall sales data, such as conversions, acquisition sources, and days to conversion.

This data will help you understand how long it took for your visitors to make a purchase and how actually they bought something from your store.

Analyzing Pages with Heatmaps

One of the best ways to analyze important web pages of the store is by creating heat maps, which can be done from the Heatmaps section of the HumCommerce dashboard. While creating a new heat map, you’ll get a chance to specify:

  • Number of page views to analyze
  • Specific URLs to analyze

Not just that, but you can even select a percentage of visitors to create these heatmaps, exclude specific elements, select URLs to use, define how the calculation happens, exclude content that you don’t want to record, and much more.

Form Usage Analyzation

Another considerable analysis is form usage. Either you can sit back and let HumCommerce track all the available forms, you can manually choose specific ones for the analyzation. While setting form tracking, you even get a chance to mark visitors into converted ones whenever they visit a specific page.

In this way, you can count upon the conversions whenever a visitor gets to the thank you page. Thus, with form analytics, you can simply generate actionable and effective data depending on how many people are filling out your forms and when do they fail to do so.

What Else Can Be Done?

Apart from all of these aspects that can be tracked through HumCommerce dashboard, you can even track other analytic options, based on your goals. This includes the number of visitors to a particular page, number of link clicks, events, and number of file downloads. If you want, you can even configure these points.

Furthermore, you can even create funnels to track other activities or actions that users take on your eCommerce store. These include their details, entry pages, events, outbound link clicks, exit pages, site search, and exit pages.

How Much Does HumCommerce Cost?

To help you have a tremendously excellent start, HumCommerce provides an absolutely free plan. This fully-featured plan comes with certain restrictions or limitations, like 1,000 page views in a month and 50 recordings. Also, it can store data only for six months.

However, if you think your requirements are more than that, you can choose other premium plans, starting from $9 per month.

Check our their limited period lifetime deal.


HumCommerce surely comes with several amazing features packed in one tool. It is nothing less than an amalgamation of biggies. Since it offers a free plan and the integration is also quite simple, you wouldn’t be at risk even if you invest a bit of time in figuring out how it works.

Once you have got a hold on it and if you think that this tool is worth opting for the optimization of your e-store, you can then think of purchasing any one of the premium packages. Till then, use the free option and turn your store into a hub of higher conversion rates.

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