Cleaning Your Bedroom: What to Do and What Not to

When you think about cleaning your home, chances are that your mind immediately goes to the kitchen or the bathroom – the most labor-intensive rooms when it comes to cleaning. Your bedroom is probably the last on your list of things to clean and for a good reason.

Most of us don’t really use our bedrooms other than when it’s time to go to bed and we generally don’t have people come over and see the bedroom – making it a lower priority for cleaning. And while that’s a reasonable thing to do, this neglect can start causing problems, too.

That’s why we reached out to the cleaning experts at Precise Cleaning Pros to give us some guidelines on cleaning the bedroom and keeping it clean for longer. Here’s what they came up with.

Before You Start

If it’s been a while since you cleaned your bedroom, you should know that preparation is the best way to start. Getting the whole bedroom cleaned in one go is probably the best idea – which means you should get all of your cleaning supplies and equipment before you start.

In case you aren’t sure what you will need, think about what you will have to clean and reverse-engineer what you will need. Things like a window washer, a multi-purpose cleaner, cloths, sponges, and a vacuum cleaner are a given. However, you will also need things like coat hangers for your clothes lying around, boxes to store superfluous items, and probably some more items as well. Now that you’ve got everything in hand, it’s time to start.

Start with the Clutter

Just like many cleaning tips articles will tell you, you should probably start with the biggest item. In the case of your bedroom, it’s probably the clutter. Fortunately, it is pretty easy to clean it and it shouldn’t take up too much of your time. The best part is that, once you’re done, your bedroom will look significantly better and cleaner.

Most of us have clothes lying around the bedroom. Whether they are on your bed or on the chair (or even on the floor! ), this is a great place to start. Go through all of the clothes outside your closets and determine whether they’re good to be returned into the closet (hence the coat hangers), or if they need to be washed first.

The same thing applies to just about everything else you have lying around. If you have books or magazines on your nightstand, think whether you actually need them or if they can be put back to their spot.

Get the Bed Sorted

Once the clutter has been solved, it’s time to address the elephant in the room. Well, at least the biggest item in your bedroom – the bed. Naturally, making the bed is going to do a lot to make your bedroom look neat and tidy. However, before you do, consider whether you need to change the sheets.

Get the Surfaces Cleaned

Finally, once the bedroom-specific cleaning is done, it is time to get your bedroom the same treatment you would to any room in your home. And just like with any other room, you should generally follow the rule to start high and work your way down.

You will need to start with dusting. House dust is one of the most common allergens, and it collects just about everywhere. So, apart from the bedframe, the night stalls and closets, you really should dust light fixtures, the blinds and door frames as well. Once you’ve dusted and cleaned all of the surfaces, the last thing you need to do is vacuum all of the dust you pushed to the ground.

Once this deep cleaning is done, you will have a clean and tidy bedroom. From there, maintaining the cleanliness of your bedroom should be easier if you keep to these tips.

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