Top link building strategies implemented by perfect link building companies in USA

Link building is no child’s play. It takes a lot of planning, effort, and time to build good links that drive traffic to your website and boost your business revenue. The perfect link building companies in the USA know that link building is a different ball game altogether. There are no short-cuts and using dubious or black-hat SEO techniques that would hurt the client’s business and market reputation are out of the question! But how do these companies build links for you? The answer lies in their time-tested link building strategies, the top ones among which are discussed below.

1.       Leveraging outreach

Outreach is the process to contact people in your niche in order to make them aware of your linkable assets. These people could be the ones who’ve linked to articles/posts crafted on a related topic or mentioned your target keywords in their content. To find people who meet the latter criterion, you could set Google Alerts. You could even use online tools for the former or to find top-performing articles in your industry or niche.

To leverage outreach, it’s often the content on your website that’s used. But it doesn’t necessarily need to be just your content. It could be anything that you believe is worthy of a link. Thus, even if you don’t have any content but have other linkable assets such as a product and/or service, brand, business, etc., you can reach out to startups and entrepreneurs in your niche to let them know about it and find out if they would like to link to it. If it’s your content that you want others to link to, you need to ensure it’ll be useful to them and their target audience. Thus, long-form blog posts or articles, infographics, white papers, tools and so on would be good linkable assets that you can tell people about. A perfect link building company would leverage outreach to help you get good links.

Additionally, they won’t be afraid to let their outreach targets know precisely where they want the link to go. Some may think it’s pushy but in reality, this step is being considerate. Not doing it would force the outreach targets to figure out where they should place your link. In case you don’t like it, you’ll have to request a revised placement, which would complicate things. Thus, it’s better to get the link placement right at the first go by mentioning where you would prefer it to be positioned.

2.       Using guest blogging strategically

According to a2018 survey by Ahref, websites get 50 referrals (traffic) from each guest article on average. Among 239 guest posts that the survey considered, it was found that 15% of posts attracted over 100 referral sessions, with the highest being 500+ sessions for one post. When you consider that all these are happening due to a solitary guest post that’s not even published on your website, it appears to be interesting and quite appealing, isn’t it? Perhaps that explains why businesses and marketers alike choose guest blogging enthusiastically. However, you’ll need to plan strategically about it to ensure you’re able to get a lot of authority links in the process. And that’s exactly what the Perfect Link Building Company USA would do.

Such a company would have a clear goal from the start and focus on those blogs that have the potential of sending considerable web traffic your way. They’ll also short-list those blogs that not only have a massive readership and will accept a guest post but are also likely to share your guest post on their social media networks and even encourage others to do it. When you write a guest post to get links and boost traffic to your website, you would surely like it to be syndicated on reliable platforms. By choosing companies that are likely to do it, the perfect link building company would ensure your website and/or specific web pages get adequate exposure, especially to get noticed by those people who’ll tend to link to it.

Though guest blogging is an effective way to get links, doing it wrong can make you face the risk of being penalized by search engines. This makes it important to check certain things before you write a guest post for a particular blog. For instance, you should get to know that blog’s audience, what their needs or what their pain-points are for which they’re looking for a solution, etc. Additionally, you should study a few popular posts on that blog to identify which category of content gets the most shares. Checking the user experience of that blog is another step you shouldn’t neglect.

Understanding your target audience and their needs make it easy to craft your content the right way, which would let you get good links by enticing that audience. And when you have the perfect link building company in the USA as your partner, you can check these things off your list.

3.       Actively participating on social media platforms

Social media platforms have brought a revolution in how you market your business. Participating actively on different social media platforms for business is no longer optional. Rather, it has become an indispensable way to reach and engage your target customers, get valuable insights and links, and grow your brand. Whether you want to make more people know about your guest posts or just need to strengthen your link building efforts, social media can play a huge role. In case you aren’t active on social media platforms, know for sure that you are hurting your business and brand a lot more than you can even imagine.

You can become active across different social media platforms by sharing new posts, images, and updates. Additionally, you can humanize your brand by letting your fans and followers see the people who are an integral part of your business. You could even show how your existing customers are benefiting by using your products and/or services. All these steps will help people get interested in and connecting with your business and brand, thus boosting engagement.

Additionally, these people may share your articles, infographics, blogs, etc. with contacts in their network. This, in turn, would extend the reach of your business and probably even bring quite a few more people within the fold. Apart from extending your target audience, such steps would also improve both your brand awareness and link profile, which would help in strengthening your overall visibility. When you have hired the perfect link building company, you can rest assured that it will leverage your business’s participation across social media platforms to bolster your link building campaign.

4.       Reaching out to your existing connections

Not many businesses do it but it’s a good way to utilize your present connections to get links. You’ll notice some businesses have a page marked “my favorite products” or something similar. If you’ve purchased from this business, you could ask for a link back from this page as it won’t sound unreasonable. Some non-profits also have a donor page where they add links to donors or mention those who have sponsored an event or helped their cause in any other way. If you belong to any of these groups, you could tactfully ask for a link from such a page. The key is to ask for links with tact without sounding demanding or an opportunist. Partnering with the perfect link building company would ensure you leverage your existing connections to get links.

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