Top 10 reasons to do Scrum Master Certification

It is challenging for the ones who seek jobs to understand the credentials, which are the most found that will be impressive for the hiring managers and will make out a bunch of other thousands who seek for a job. In some decades, the commonly used Certification that has gained momentum in the various Industries is the Scrum Master Certification. It is expected to understand the concepts and practice well to be effective. Employers are made to rely on the proof of qualifications before getting hired.

CSM stands for Certified Scrum Master, which is a certification that is given by the Scrum Alliance that Is a non-profitable organization which was found in 2001. This is given to those who successfully cleared the online MCQ test.

List of reasons to do Scrum Master Certification are:

  1. Most sought After Certification by the IT industry and Recruiters:There is no doubt that Certified Scrum master is the most after Certification in the year 2017. It is the Certification that comes with significant financial benefits. In 2017, Business Insider and USA listed Scrum Master as one of the highest-paying jobs in America.
  2. Certified Scrum Master is known for Delivering value and top-notch quality of the product to the customers.

71% of the executives agreed that delivering value to the customer is their highest and priority. Organizations choose Scrum to provide more importance to the customer. A survey by the State of Scrum 2017-18 resulted that 85% of respondents say Scrum continues to improve the quality of life. Below are the statistics from State of Scrum 2017-18 reports which undoubtedly gives us a reason to become Scrum Certified:

97% of respondents are said to continue the usage of Scrum in the future

78%  are likely to recommend Scrum to their colleagues, friends and other professionals

55% of the projects are within the organization are the scrum project.

  1. Staying relevant in the marketing of Job

To be Marketable, one must stand out in the job market against his colleagues. Certification in Scrum Master helps in doing that for you. It shows your agile mindset and knowledge that you are expected to possess. An organization that uses Scrum in their projects will prefer a person who has the requisite expertise.

  1. Gateway to Scrum expert

Certified Scrum Master is allowed to join a community that recognized it for Scrum experts who are committed to have continuous improvement and adopt best practices across the globe. Scrum Community is serving as a wealth of knowledge and provides excellent guidance.

  1. Assistance in acquiring New Projects:

The better the number of Certified Scrum Master, the better it is to win new projects looking for certified professionals. More potential clients will be more comfortable in awarding new projects to organizations with Certified Scrum Master as such people are known for delivering value and quality products to the clients.

  1. Showing your commitment to learning new things:

Companies are always looking for people who are ready to unlearn the old thing and learn more new and better things. Certification in Scrum Master shows one’s commitment to continuous learning and the initiative to obtain Scrum and Agile-related Certifications. Such personality traitors are always appreciated by organizations like to see in Scrum Master.

  1. 7Transparency:

Certified Scrum Master has the authority to know everything about the project. Transparency helps the team members in identifying the issues regarding the projects. It encourages face to face communication, which in turn helps in the reduction of the miscommunications and also helps the team in delivering the product on scheduled time. It helps identify the risk, if any, to the project and ensures a quick response accordingly. Here the danger is owned by Scrum Master and his team member who is in review time and again. Thus Scrum reduces the risk of failing a project.

  1. Improvement in Investment Return:

As stated earlier, Scrum reduces the risk of failing a project, which will undoubtedly increase investment for the stakeholders. Regular feedback session from all stakeholders ensures that the accuracy of project is deliverables. It also helps correct the plans, if any, at an initial stage itself, which is less costly and consumes less time.

  1. Money and time being used as Savings:

Using Scrum, tasks are performed systematically, which in turn helps to save precious time and money. 15 Minutes daily meet up will ensure a proper update on the ongoing project the roadblock that the team is facing. Such meeting results not only in faster delivery of projects but also in the quality of the project, which is not compromised.

  1. The satisfaction of the customer:

Satisfying customers is always a priority for any organization. As it is said that “Customer is the King,” he needs to be kept happy. These are the points which do the same thing as stated:

Transparency and flexibility in project

The project being regularly updated

Reducing the chance of project failure

Increase in Investment return

Delivering products with scheduled and of the desired quality

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