Which one is the better course PMP or PMI-ACP?

Are you confused about which one to decide between PMP® or PMI-ACP®, this is the most common confusion everyone has for PMI Certifications.PMP and PMI-ACP both the certifications are identified and recognized globally. Getting these certifications to boost your career and future decisions.

If you are working in the organization where you follow the strict command and have the control over the structural methods, this certification is based on traditional methods then PMP® certification is best for you. For the successful delivery of the project, all the non-IT members of the industry use the waterfall model.

According to the market conditions, PMI constantly updates every aspect of content with the PMBOK® guide, which has changed the way of looking at the project. PMI-ACP is also identified for non-agile world and has a greater value in the market.

Before analyzing which one is best, it is better to know their vital requirements.

Roles of PMP® certified manager:

  • Implementation of Strategy:The project goals are linked and attached to the specific strategies where you have the project goals, awareness, and understanding of strategies. To deliver the project on time understanding of the project is very much important.
  • Leader:The goal of the leader is to lead the project with all the responsibilities and capabilities with leadership skills and project management skills for the success of the project.
  • Control: The project to regulate its control for the aspect of success. You need to keep track of all the requirements within time, budget and scope. Regular monitoring of the process will make you reduce the risk of failure, mean-while increase the process growth success.
  • Manage and Develop Team Members:The important thing you need to make your team more updated with new skills and collaboration with competencies. The vital thing here is that you need to estimate the project goals, budgets, and performance with the allotted schedule.
  • Analyze your Knowledge:For the project, you must have the required knowledge and experience with specific methodologies.

Roles of agile practitioner

  • Understanding Agile:You must know about choosing the right choice with commitment. And need a detailed understanding of concepts and methods with best practice and value.
  • Practices of Agile: They work with project teams which includes many approaches and methods and few of them are TDD, Scrum, Lean, Kanban.
  • Management: Few steps that are not created, will have the strive to manage the management of lean with continuous efforts and improvements.
  • Have Proficiency:If there is any modification you must be in the option to handle the changes with quick response. Utilize the right way of handling the tools and techniques that suits your project.

After looking at the roles of each certification you will get your answer. Few of you might have confused even after underling the roles, if so say ‘yes’ for both the certification. If you feel anyone of this certification best then go for it.

Few important things about PMP® and PMI-ACP®


  • In PMP® you will not interact with the entire team but you will monitor the project and just interact with few people to manage the project in a very organized way.
  • Your role will be to look at only outcome results, people under you will make sure that they produce the result.
  • You will not get to know how the software is developed nor you will be worried about the integration and issues in coding.
  • You need to review the complex project documentation with planning and monitoring the reports.
  • The stakeholders will manage the project traditionally, so you just need to interact with stakeholders because they manage the work traditionally.


  • There you will interact with all the team members because you will lead the team regularly.
  • For Teams productivity you will be responsible, you have to find out the gaps and fill the solutions and produce the outcomes
  • Ensure that the team members are using the right development for team productivity
  • You will prepare the reports for simple projects. All the management will be connected to you to discuss the status of the project.
  • You need to concentrate on lean as soon as possible for management that moves towards agile.

Whichever certification is best for you after analyzing the opinion mentioned above. If you think that both the certification is best, then go for PMI-ACP® certification first. This certification is trending with advanced work in the market. If you are done with PMI-ACP® then go with PMP® certification which will bring more credits in career.


Many factors will bring which certification is best. You have to target both PMP and PMI-ACP certification to benefit the best practice and minimize the dimensions that prioritize the roles. Both the certifications have interest and relevant scope, according to me go through PMI-ACP® certification and then go through PMP® certifications. Sprint zeal provides you the detailed knowledge and enhance your career.

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