5 Key Hacks for Running a Business from Home

The popularity of home-based working, remote working and running a business from the comfort of your own property is fast becoming the first choice for any self-employed individual – and with good reason. Home working comes with the flexibility to work how you choose, and to avoid a stressful commute, too.

However, running a business from home is also demanding in nature, and takes careful planning and organization to ensure that you maintain a great work-life balance and get the best out of your company.

Here are 5 key methods to ensure the success of your home based business.

1. Set Up Your Working Space
In order to optimize productivity and keep your home and work life as separate as possible, you should set up an assigned space to work within. A home office is the perfect solution for this, as it offers privacy and the ability to close the door when you’ve finished the working day.

Your working space should encourage motivation and be comfortable. You should therefore consider the following:

  • A happy and functional set up, such as a comfortable chair, a desk which is big enough and has adequate lighting. You can also consider additional features, such as a more practical desk mouse from www.mouseonegaming.com and a larger monitor at the right height to encourage better working and better health.
  • Sources of natural light, such as positioning yourself near a window with a view and house plants to create a healthier atmosphere
  • A fast internet connection (if necessary for your work)
  • A spot which is free from distractions

2. Develop a Schedule and Stick to It
Although working from home means avoiding the pressures of dedicated start and finishing times, it also means that it’s easy to slip into long working hours, and working longer than necessary without giving yourself a break. Make sure that you set up a daily working schedule for yourself, with a set finishing time to aim for, in order to maintain a good routine.

If you have the freedom to work whenever you want during the day, you should take the time to assess the hours in which you’re most productive.

3. Be Authentic
Some individuals may consider a home-based business to sound less professional or dependable than a company which operates out of a designated office building or which has physical stores. The important fact to remember is that it’s much better to be open and honest with how your business operates, rather than try and sell yourself as a busy office with a large team of staff when really it’s just you within your home-office.

4. Keep Family Time Separate
Working from home can be simple if you live alone, but what about if you have a large family? It’s crucial to not allow family time to disrupt your working schedule, and vice versa. Your schedule should allow for when you need breaks for family time, and you can then plan accordingly to make sure you’re undisturbed during working hours.

5. Treat it Like Any Other Job
Working from home means it’s easy to want to do some household chores, whether it’s quickly putting on a washing cycle, or hanging the washing up, between work deadlines. However, this only leads to distractions and procrastinations. Treat your home-based job in the same way you would if you physically travelled to work. You wouldn’t be able to put on a washing cycle between the hours of 9-5 if you had an external job to go to, so don’t do it whilst you’re at home working, either.

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