VPS & Dedicated Server: Why Virtual Dedicated Servers?

First of what exactly is a dedicated server? A dedicated server or dedicated server hosting refers to leasing an entire web server for your exclusive use in your company or web site from a web host provider. This would greatly benefit your web site or company especially if it creates a substantial amount of traffic in a day since the hard disk space or storage space of the hard disk is quite high in capacity plus it has the technical support that is thorough enough. Another advantage of dedicated server hosting is that your website would instantly get updates especially on the applications used in the web site itself keeping you at the top of the food chain thus creating more traffic to your web site that would, of course, benefit you and your company. Before I go out on all-out discussion about dedicated servers and virtual dedicated servers let us focus on one question: Are VPS hosting servers more or less expensive than dedicated servers?

Virtual + Dedicated Server

So what difference is there between a dedicated server and a virtual dedicated server? Well, a virtual dedicated server or also known as a virtual private server is simply a method of dividing a web server. Doing so would enable each virtual private server to run on its own full-blown operating system plus enabling each server to be rebooted independently. This has been carried out commonly in mainframe computers in dividing or partitioning one server for it to appear in a series of servers.

Aside from that virtual dedicated servers are used to bridge or fuse the gap involving dedicated hosting services (of which I mentioned above) and shared web hosting services. Virtual dedicated servers are also utilized as honey pots that allow a machine to consciously run programs or software that have flaws in its security yet doing so would not harm any part of the server.

Bottom Lines

A lot of companies that have been growing offer virtual dedicated server hosting or virtual private server hosting as an addition to web hosting services. The benefits of dividing one server for the use of multiple servers is quite a good idea and not to mention something new you could try out for.

Let us now focus on the main question you have in mind now which would be: Is VPS more or less expensive than dedicated servers? Well internet hosting services on of which is a dedicated server, are not necessarily cheap but as I have mentioned dedicated servers are used for the exclusive use of only one person and if you compare it with a virtual private server that is split into two for the use of multiple servers it would be then concluded that a dedicated server remains the most expensive but of course the most beneficial of all the internet hosting service available.

A dedicated server costs around 3000 INR per month if you take services from Hosting Raja who is a leading hosting services provider in India and which is quite a hefty amount of money especially if your web site isn’t creating a considerable amount of traffic. A VPS would be lesser than that amount of course. So now that you know the difference and the answer to the question regarding the price then it would be up to you to decide what web server you should be utilizing for your web site or company.

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