Understanding SEO Services

Are you struggling to find the right SEO Expert for your business? Are you trying to avoid investing a lot of resources? Either way, hiring a professional to manage your business is a brilliant idea. They will not only help you set up an appealing website but also implement strategies that will attract more patients.

What to ask any Digital Marketing Agency before Hiring Them

Before picking a digital marketing agency from a list of digital marketing companies, ensure you read reviews for all companies. If many clients have issues with the company, there is something wrong. Request for reviews and reference from an existing client in your industry; different industry have different consumer expectations and nuances.

Here are additional questions you should ask:

  • What is included in a contract? Re-read it thoroughly and check its duration
  • What are the terms of canceling a contract? How much is the fee for canceling a contract before its expiry date?
  • How often will you be communicating? Set communication expectations in advance, otherwise, you will be in for a disappointment
  • Who has full access to the website and Analytics account? It is also important to know who has access to FTP, CMS and AdWords account.
  • Do you offer performance guarantees? If your preferred company does, you need to back away. Each website is different therefore making it difficult to guarantee results.
  • What are your previous assignments?
  • What are your charges and payment options?

SEO Services that should be Included in Every Contract

Any reliable SEO company should include the following elements in the contract:

Website structure analysis

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing emphasis the need to design your website for your user rather than them. However, the site should be well-structured for the search engines to crawl if you ever want to reach your target audience. Some of the things a professional agency will look for include HTTP, analytics setup, robots.txt, site errors, sitemap, page speed, conversion rates, meta elements, and indexed status.

Content analysis

Your SEO services provider should also be able to check out the content already on your website. They should also come up with issues like poorly ranking content, voice search compatibility, duplicate content, address inconsistencies and missing pages.

Besides, the agency uses your content to develop marketing strategies as well as perform a keyword analysis in an attempt to attract more clients.

Optimize code and website structure

A renowned SEO will:

  • Remove all errors search engines pick up when crawling
  • Clean up codes on your website so that it can run fast
  • Ensure your site’s navigation is intuitive and easy
  • Include internal links to pages in your website

Optimizing your On-Page Content

When it comes to maintaining a website, you don’t just create a landing page, put it live and leave it there. You need to constantly create new content and optimize the existing pages to consistently attract organic traffic.

Optimizing off-page factors

Off-site factors are equally important as on-site factors. A reliable firm will:

  • Make use of local SEO tactics and improve your local ranking on search engines
  • Look for directories to add your websites to
  • Submit press releases about your new services


So how do you choose the best SEO services provider for your needs? An SEO partnership is long-term therefore you should be should choose wisely. Remember the questions to ask before hiring as well as the elements of a contract.

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