A Comprehensive Guide On Website Launch Checklist

Preparing checklist helps in organizing and completing the work in a systematic manner. After creating a website, the next step is the launching of your website and if you miss out the important steps in its launching it can ruin your efforts.

An efficient website is an essential tool to promote your business and to establish a brand name among your competitors. A user-friendly website can be designed with the support of Skyfall Blue which provides a range of services ranging from website development, software and application development to digital marketing strategies which boosts sales in your business.

To avoid the mistakes you may make while a website launch, the following checklist can be followed to make your website launch a success.

  • Website Security Needs To Be Strengthened – When you are in the process of launching your website the ultimate focus should be on the website security. Use of Plugins helps in protecting your site from the individuals which might spoil your website.
  • Protection Against Scam – A website which is popular is prone to be affected by spam activities. Before you launch your website you need to install a plugin to prevent the spam activities.
  • SEO Optimization – To achieve success your site should be SEO optimized. With the help of Google Search engine, your website can get thousands of visitors if it is search engine friendly.
  • Create A Google Analytic Account – It helps in tracking the number of visitors who visit your website. You can get information like how long these visitors remain on your website, what products they browse, what kind of pages they visit and many more. It helps in determining the effectiveness of your website.
  • Add Social Share Images – These appear in the snippets when your website is shared on the various social media.
  • Obtaining An SSL Certificate – A SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is very essential for your website. If you do not use this certificate then your website is marked as insecure by Google Chrome and other browsers.
  • Search Engine Indexing – While your site is in the developmental stages search engine indexing is off but when you launch the website the indexing should be put on so that your website is indexed by Google.
  • Optimizing the images – Your website looks beautiful with the help of images but too many images result in slow page loading. So it is essential to optimize your images.
  • Checking Broken links – Check all the links of your website before you launch it to the world.
  • Finally, Submit Your Website to Google – After the creation of your website, you can submit your website to Google to gain recognition and focus. This can be done by searching “Submit URL to Google” and you will get an input box, in this box, you can put the complete URL of your website, click on “Submit”. After a few days, you will be listed in google.


Thus with the help of the above-mentioned checklist, your website launch can be a successful venture. These tips also ensure that your website achieves success and which in turn leads to the growth of your business.

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