SEO Strategies that hurt Website Ranking

Every field has positive and negative practices, however the positive outnumber the negative. In SEO field too, there are positive and negative strategies. Those strategies that assist in improving web page ranking can be called positive and those that hurt web page ranking can be called a negative. When you try to achieve high website ranking through short cuts, which are against the business ethics, then such efforts will be included in the negative strategy.

SEO companies are mushrooming everywhere. The competition is driving many companies to adopt unfair practices to maintain a hold in the field. But unfortunately, they do not realize that use of such strategies is causing the greatest harm to SEO business. They are masterminding their own downfall as well as the SEO industry.

Below given are some of the commonly adopting SEO strategies by unscrupulous companies that are hurting web page rankings: –

Paid link building

Most of the small and medium companies search for SEO Company + Link Building services to improve the ranking of their website. Inexperienced SEO companies will not know how to create a meaningful, informative and relevant website. Such SEO companies try to write articles from their own imagination or by browsing details of similar products or services. This is turn will affect the client’s business negatively. Link Building is an effective marketing method. But one should be able to do it in a genuine way so as to gain the confidence of the customers.

Use of irrelevant contents for internet marketing

SEO companies that offer Link Building services at very cheap rate mostly use irreverent contents to link with your website. This will definitely hurt the reputation of the business. As customers are not fools they will identify such fakes easily and put the website in the invalid category. This will badly affect the brand and thereby the business.

Stuffing of keywords

Some SEO companies stuff keywords in articles to get easily recognised by the search engine within a short time. Such moves harm the business, instead of doing good. Search engine algorithms can easily identify key word stuffing, and the result id they will penalize the website. It is better to check the working method of SEO Company + Link Building before hiring their services.

Comments on the website

It is better to keep track of the comments received daily in the website. Constant monitoring helps in removing those comments that have negative influence on the business. People will visit only those websites that maintain online reputation.

Use of many anchor text links

Use of anchor text links throughout the articles is not going to do anything good. Anchor text link is necessary while posting an article, but use of too many links is a bad SEO strategy.

Buying links

Another widely practising SEO strategy is link buying. To get better ranking websites start buying links of reputable websites. This is a bad practise and in the long run it will hurt the reputation.

There are many more negative SEO strategies that are widely used now days. Only straight forward strategies will do well to the business in the long run.

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