How to Prepare for an EMP Attack

In the modern world where animosity between countries and governments can quickly go out of hand and can lead to possible combat, the Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) attack has become a scary possibility.

The idea of whole countries running out of power and planes and satellites falling from the sky may seem a little farfetched and straight out of a Hollywood movie scene about a post-apocalyptic world, but this is now very much possible. The potential of some countries to cause an EMP attack has led to the creation of fear regarding this dangerous weapon.

Regardless of how pacifists try to rule out the possibility of an attack and limit the scale of the effect of an EMP attack, the reality is that in this world of excessive warmongering and ever growing hate the chances of such an attack happening has raised three folds.

In this world of endless possibilities, the fittest survive, being fit mentally physically and financially gives you the ability to withstand all kinds of dangers. Another feature of the fittest is the ability to prepare for all types of risk and to adjust accordingly.

To survive an EMP attack, it is necessary to prepare beforehand. A well-prepared individual will know what an EMP attack is and will have the reflexes to react in time and swiftly to an attack.

What Is an EMP Attack?

Before we go about sharing tips preparing you for this horrific event, it is necessary to know more about the war tool and its dangers.

An EMP is a short and rapid bust of invisible electromagnetic interference that causes electric disruptions by short-circuiting the electrical devices nearby. Lightning strikes are one of the most common results of EMP.

There are three primary sources through which an area can be affected by the EMP attack.

  • Nuclear Explosions
  • Powerful solar events
  • EMP bombs

Of all the possibilities mentioned above the solar EMP attack is the most dangerous because of the magnitude of the event and the damage the resulting event can cause.

Experts are still unsure about the extent of damage a human-made EMP attack can have on the national gridline. Although the uncertainty can be true, we feel that the secrets and dangers of an EMP attack are deliberately left behind the curtains.

The possibility of an EMP attack happening is the same as that of a nuclear attack.

There are no reports of rogue elements or terrorist groups having the dangerous tool at their disposal, but the war machine in the hands of an irresponsible state such as North Korea can have serious repercussions.

How to Prepare

As mentioned before we are not readily aware of the potential damage that an EMP attack can cause. The best possible way to prepare in this regard is to be ready for the worse.

An EMP attack can affect all electronic items.

An E1 pulse from a nuclear bomb can stop dead, cars on the track.

The automobile industry, however, is coming up with ways to avert the damage from occurring. Installing microprocessors is one way the automobile industry can avoid the breakdown.

Since all other electrical appliances are connected to one national grid, an attack can render the use of all such electric devices useless.

Therefore, given the uncertainty and the possible calamity that such an attack can cause, it is best to prepare beforehand. To help you prepare we have compiled a list of actions that you must take to ensure the safety of you and your family in the case of an EMP attack and the chaos that follows.

  • Shielding Electronic Devices

To avoid your electronic devices from faltering during an EMP attack, it is essential to shield them from an EMP attack.

Building a Faraday cage around all your electronic devices prevents the flow of EMP rays to the electronic device.

You can either purchase a Faraday bag or build one for yourself using a layer of aluminum foil. Wrapping your precious electronic items in the aluminum foil and ensuring that there are no gaps will keep the devices safe during an event of an EMP attack.

For surprise cases, it is crucial to prepare yourself by having a spare cell phone, a standby generator or a laptop wrapped in a Faraday cage. However, when there are risks and terrorist threats looming you can keep all your valuables in the foil and prevent them from any such attack.

  • Get Ready

In addition to adding a layer of aluminum foil around your electronic items, you should ensure that you have an electrical power generation system inside a Faraday Cage.

Many people don’t have the finances to purchase an alternate source of electrical power generation especially if the device has to be left in storage after immediate purchase.

A better option will be for residents of an area to pool in finances for the purchase of the alternative source and choose the ideal location for its storage and the supply of electricity.

For a community to prepare for and survive an EMP attack, it is essential to work as a team.

There are high risks that although an EPM attack may not result in mass casualties, it will still lead to massive unrest and chaos. Since other Americans will not be ready for a disaster of this magnitude, there are high likelihoods that confusion and fear will grip the country.

Having a firearm and being skilled in the use of the gun is one way that you can cope with the tension around you.

Remember at times like these preparing your loved ones should be your highest priority.

Stockpiling supplies such as medicine and food is one way that you can prepare for an event such as this.

With no power around there are high chances that the living methods and standards will move back to the 19th century rather than grieving about this it is essential to adapt. Do what the people in the 19th century did start growing food and rearing animals.

Learning about crop and food production by methods that require minimal resources is one way you can prepare yourself for such a scenario.

Although an EMP threat is a danger that may not give you sleepless nights just yet as we said before the fittest is the one that plans before, ignoring the possibility of an EMP attack and not planning for such an event is outright ignorance.

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