How To Sell Your Music on All Major Streaming Platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes)

Musicians need to gain knowledge about digital music distribution because it is a connection between your released album and future fans. In the past, brick & mortar music stores were the way for independent artists or record labels to get their albums in front of listeners. 

Today, digital music distributors help to sell music online as well as expand your reach across the world. A smart distribution plan helps to increase your visibility and your melodies are reached before myriads of potential fans. Besides, you get royalties for getting your music on streaming services and online music stores using a digital distributor.

How do digital distributors help?

The digital has evolved the role of record labels and distributors and the way people listen to music. As the majority of people use smartphones, they enjoy music online and spend less money on CDs or other physical forms. Physical distributors in the past focused on popular selling records. Small or new bands got entrapped in an exclusive contract, which hindered their success. Digital distributors have made it easy to get your music on Spotify easy. 

Music distribution is the process of how your album gets delivered to listeners. Digital music distributors cut the middleman offering artists an opportunity to sell music on iTunes, Spotify, TikTok, and more. Artists distribute directly to the online stores and streaming services while keeping 100% of their sales revenue. 

How does digital music distribute company function?

The digital distributing company aims to sell your music on Amazon, Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, and other digital music stores and streaming platforms on your behalf. 

You can think that they are a digital record shop, where you get your album that distributes and allows people to buy or download your song. In exchange, you will receive royalties from the streaming services or music stores that sold your song. 

Rather than shipping vinyl boxes each week, you deliver digital music via digital distributors to music stores and streaming platforms. You can get your music on Apple Music or Spotify or Amazon instantly with a low upfront cost and few clicks, which in the past was a costly process. 

Why choose the digital distributing platform MusicDigi? 

Today, digital is the way to enhance your music industry journey. Using musicdigi reach your fans on social media or via your website. Save the hassle and cost of the physical distribution of your first album. You can start building a fan base and credibility with digital releases. You can get your music on TikTok using musicdigi without giving up your music copyrights. You earn 91% of revenues from the songs that are purchased or downloaded from the music stores or streaming services. Musicdigi charges $39.99 per year for unlimited releases. It doesn’t matter if you release songs or singles every week or day. You are also offered the ISRC & UPCs free for every release.

Keep track of your music sales for every release across different streaming services or music stores. 

Digital distribution of your music is a direct route to reach your fan’s ears – do it digitally!

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