Challenges for Western Firms in China

Foster your Franco-Chinese organization by joining the Chinese Business Club France Chine. Business stage established in 2012 by Harold Parisot , the Chinese Business Club unites in Paris, designations, lawmakers, negotiators, financial backers, chiefs and heads of Chinese and French organizations.

With in excess of 100 part organizations and 12 occasions each year in Paris, the Chinese Business Club France Chine is the first Franco-Chinese business club.

To track down a Chinese accomplice, fare and sell in China, focusing on the Chinese market, foster its guanxi , to get comfortable China, grow its business in China, discover d es Chinese financial backers, contact Chinese influencers work with Chinese , convey on Chinese interpersonal organizations pull in Chinese clients and Chinese vacationers in France , be recorded on Baidu the Chinese Google, make a WeChat record to arrive at Chinese customers, the individuals from the Chinese Business Club France Chine meet over time in Paris to meet :

* Chinese speculation assets in France : Fosun , Dongfeng , CIC, Cathay Capital, BCL , Jin Jiang.

* Chinese banks in France : China Exim Bank, China Construction Bank, ICBC, Bank of China, Bank of Communications.

* Chinese brands in France : Huawei, WeChat, Alibaba, UnionPay , Baidu, ZTE, Haier , Lenovo, China Telecom, Geely,, China Mobile, Air China, Hisense , China Eastern , Xiaomi, Hainan Airlines, Euro P ass , Moutai , Oppo , CGNPC, Comac, Avic , CCPIT , Synutra , WeChat Pay , Alipay , Tencent , Weibo, TikTok , AliExpress .

* Diplomats from the Chinese Embassy in France and the Consulate , the China cell of the Presidency of the Republic and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

* Agencies having some expertise in responsive the travel industry and related aides.

* The writers Chinese in France : Huarenjie , People’s Daily, News from Europe, China Daily, People’s Daily, CCTV, CCTV, Phoenix TV, Mandarin TV , CGTN.

* Chinese appointments in France and rich Chinese vacationers in Paris.

The Chinese Business Club plans to advance the making of joint ventures among France and China and the improvement of enduring connections among Chinese and French characters .

Established by Harold Parisot in 2012 in Paris, the Chinese Business Club France Chine, one of the advantaged major parts in Franco-Chinese financial strategy, attempts to create monetary and exchange relations among China and France.

Club foreign relations, Chinese Business Club meets month to month in Paris, official assignments, business visionaries, legislators, ambassadors, significant financial backers, chiefs and business people Chinese and French .

With in excess of 100 part organizations and 12 occasions each year in Paris, the Chinese Business Club France Chine is the first Franco-Chinese business club.

Western organizations hoping to grow their business regularly disparage the seriousness of the Chinese market. Frequently, what holds up traffic of accomplishment is an absence of comprehension on what Chinese buyers worth and how they shop. Yet, at that point there are some that have done their exploration, made nearby associations, rolled out vital improvements, and acquired the prizes. So here’s about twenty models one after another.


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