What are the Options to Get Stable WiFi Internet Connection at Conventions?

Convention and event attendees these days all look forward to getting stable and fast WiFi internet connection. Whether you are in charge of organizing a convention with a hundred visitors or a large global exhibition composed of thousands of exhibitors and attendees, it is crucial to plan your strategy for WiFi deployment 4 to 6 weeks in advance to ensure that your event will be a total blast.

There are several things that can be done to get stable WiFi internet connection at conventions:

Unique Solutions for Unique Locations

The number one step to boost WiFi performance at conventions is to recognize that all locations have their own unique challenges. The building’s size, the area’s shape, patterns in foot traffic, the architectural components and more can affect the type of solution that best suits the event space. Every scenario needs different hardware. Outdoor venues also have different demands compared to indoor ones. An event space with a ceiling of 100 feet will also have a completely different demand from an event space whose ceiling is only 15 feet tall.

Capacity Concerns

There is no doubt that the biggest hurdle as far as the network design for a large venue is concerned has something to do with the total number of attendees who want to access the internet during the event. To prepare for capacity requirements, it is important to predict how many people will attend the convention. It is recommended to estimate the number of attendees according to the venue’s maximum occupancy. Attendance predictions can also be based on the average turnouts of similar events. After you predicted the attendance, it is time to anticipate how the guests are going to move around the venue. This way, you can anticipate areas with high density and prepare the networks based on that.

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