HostingRaja – A Powerful Web Hosting Provider

Finding a website hosting company for your business is as difficult as getting the best clothes for the wedding. So to come out from this issue here I am introducing you with one of the top most hosting services providers of India. Being a reputable and best web hosting provider. Hosting Raja not only help you to provide hosting services at reasonable prices but also help you to deal with various technical aspects of hosting industry.

Hosting Raja offers reliable performance.

The performance of HostingRaja is outstanding. They have upgraded their plans to offer unlimited web hosting to customers which means unlimited bandwidth and web hosting storage. They boast a 99.9% uptime which is very impressive. Along with that they maintain their quality servers and are dedicated to providing hosting at its best!

HostingRaja has a pretty cool price point of starting around 150 INR (depend on the package that you take) per month. They offer web hosting at a very affordable price point. For the bountiful features and benefits that offer by them, this price is advantageous and should make you extremely happy. The monthly cost for a website hosting plan is available at very cheap prices if you sign up for a 24 month or 36 month plan.

HostingRaja has experience and opened its doors in and continues to grow at an unbelievable rate. They specialize in shared, cyber security, VPS and Dedicated hosting servers and have recently achieved hosting over one million domains. They currently employ over 200 people and are dedicated to providing hosting plans to all their customers. Not to mention, they continue to win awards in the web hosting space.

HostingRaja is approaching 1 million domains and is well known in the web hosting industry as a leader and one who is proactive in helping customers. They are gaining market share in the web hosting space and the very reasonable prices which is hard to beat for other providers.

They have a loyal following and their forum is one of the best in the industry and has a huge competition with other hosting providers in the same space.

Along with being a reputed Indian hosting company  they have also grown and survived the test of time. They stand now with a wonderful web hosting plan that is very inclusive. One of the best parts of this plan, other than the disk space and bandwidth, are the site building tools and statistics. There are plenty of great features included with Hosting Raja, each with its way of helping your website become the best it can be.

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