Perfect Use of the Dedicated Server for You

Choose the bandwidth capacities depend the bandwidth that represents the capacity of your server, according to a given period, to transfer data from or to your site. The higher the bandwidth, the more the server will be able to handle significant traffic on your site, without malfunction. In addition, if you plan to offer streaming videos on your platform for example, or other heavy multimedia content, it is better to opt for high bandwidth.

Which operating system? This criterion mainly depends on the programming language used to develop your website. Several solutions will be offered to you: Windows Server , for ASP.NET or MS SQL, Unix / Linux for programming languages ​​in MySQL or Apache Again, your Geek Specialist IKOULA can advise you on the most appropriate solution.

How to administer your server?

It is entirely possible to entrust the management and administration of your dedicated server to the host. In this case, make sure that outsourcing is offered in its offer. However, if you have the necessary capacity to manage your server, you will not need such a service. However, the hosts must offer you advice, as well as an efficient maintenance service in the event of a problem.

Price: an important criterion

Having an efficient server is essential to manage traffic, but also to limit loading times. However, this type of accommodation represents a considerable budget. It is therefore essential to find the right compromise:

The amount of the subscription: some hosts do not include traffic in the price of the server or else, it is limited. Also, take note of the traffic included in your subscription, as well as the budget to be expected in case of overflow.

Installation costs: they apply in the vast majority of cases. Your host is obliged to tell you the cost of installing and configuring your cheap dedicated server unmetered.

Licenses: if you choose an open source solution (Debian , Ubuntu , CentOS), in this case, the license fees do not concern you. However, if your server includes an operating system (Windows Server) or other software, additional costs apply.

  • Optimizing your server: investing in hard disks or additional memory again generates more or less significant expenses. Also, it is crucial to take stock of your needs, before subscribing to an offer.
  • The choice of a package: in the packages offered by the hosts, there is generally a package for technical support. Make sure you opt for a great deal.

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